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Try again when you have more You Thought Points.
— Johnny
Elevator intermission screen

The total amount of You Thought Points from the results screen.

You Thought Points (or YTPs) is a point system in Baldi's Basics Plus that is used in Johnny's Store as a currency.


The Player earns YTPs depending on how well they perform certain tasks. Some ways to earn YTPs are such as completing field trips, dealing with some characters, and using structures in some places. As of V0.2, they can be spent on items and a special favor such as a filled out map in Johnny's Store, which the Player stops at between floors of the Super Schoolhouse. There is an unimplemented special favor which desiring to expel a character, but it was planned to be added soon.

Ways to earn


Name Requirement No. of YTPs
Mrs. Pomp Entering her classroom before the timer runs out. 100
Playtime Playing jump rope with her. 25 (If the Player jumps over the rope all five times, they will earn all 25 points, but the reward drops by 5 each time the Player cuts the rope with Safety Scissors or messes up.)


Name Requirement No. of YTPs
Math Machine Correctly solving the math problem. 25


Name Requirement No. of YTPs
Notebooks Collecting a notebook in the classroom without the Math Machine. 10

Field Trips

Name Requirement No. of YTPs
Camping Keeping the campfire from extinguishing. 100, 200, or 300 depending on the number of stars
Farm Reaching the flag pole.
Water Treatment Plant Preventing the digester domes from collapsing.
Wild West TBA


Time that takes to complete the level No. of YTPs (Bonus at the end of a floor)
0:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00,

5:00 and 6:00

2:50, 3:50, 4:50, 4:00, 3:50,

5:50 and 6:50

7:00 or more 150


Type of grade No. of YTPs (Bonus at the end of a floor)
A+ 100
A 95
A- 90
B+ 85
B 80
B- 75
C+ 70
C 65
C- 60
D+ 55
D 50
D- 45
E+ 40
E 35
E- 30
F+ 25
F 20
F- 15


  • You Thought Points are first revealed in the Kickstarter campaign blog post since July 31, 2018.[1] And first available in Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo V1.2.
    • Even though, the words You Thought Points are originated from the You Can Think Pad, the Player cannot earn points in this device as its purpose was changed when You Thought Points system was first implemented.
  • The acronym "YTPs" might be a reference to YouTube Poop, the infamous video mashups in the YouTube web containing editing pre-existing media sources for humorous, obscene, annoying, confusing, shocking, détournement, or dramatic purposes.
    • Furthermore, many people thought the name "YTPs" actually stood for YouTube Poops, and so the actual name may be a jab at that.
  • Ytpscreen

    The intermission screen shows the placeholder values.

    Before the Kickstarter exclusive demo V1.2 update, these values used to be only for placeholders because the methods were not implemented, so they always show up the same values. As of the V1.2 update, they have added a working counter and the Player can earn YTPs in multiple places.


  1. "First off, the You Can Think Pads will get a new feature, the ability to award You Thought Points (YTPs)! Depending on how quickly you solve the problems they present, you'll earn more YTPs. ... There will be other ways to earn YTPs as well, such as in field trips, or even through some characters!" - Kickstarter Update #3 - One week in! More new features and creating characters!


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