Answer the three questions correctly, and you might get something special!
— Baldi

The You Can Think Pad is an educational tablet computer in Baldi's Basics Plus, used to teach the Player some math (and possibly more subjects for the full game).


The You Can Think Pad is a green tablet on a black background with a purple ellipse on the top left corner of it. It has an antenna on the top right corner of it. On the bottom left corner, Baldi appears on a small screen to the bottom left of it, but once a problem is answered incorrectly, his face switches to angry and he doesn't show up when collecting any further notebooks. The "Learn" track that plays during the first two sequences until a wrong answer is given, is a two-second loop. There is also a green keypad from the right with small purple buttons with numbers 0-9, letters C and -, and a big circle button with "OK!" text.


Main Gameplay


The Player using the You Can Think Pad for the first time.

When the Player uses the You Can Think Pad, it has a question and an answer box, both of which are white. The answer box has text that says "ENTER ANSWER" in a light gray color. The Player has to enter an answer consisting only of numbers, and/or a dash (for negative amounts) into the box. If they solve the problem correctly by typing in the right answer, they get a green check on one of the three boxes off to the left. If they answer incorrectly, they get a red X instead.

Upon getting all of the questions right in the first notebook, Baldi will comically say "WOW! YOU EXIST!". The last question of the first notebook is normal and can be solved, but the final question for the second notebook and every further notebook (except on Endless Mode) consists of a clumped amount of numbers, making it impossible to answer correctly.

When the Player gets their first question wrong (which is inevitable as a result of the first impossible question found in the second book), the music will come to a halt, and Baldi's smile will slowly turn into an angry frown, before displaying one of two messages on the You Can Think Pad. Both of these messages are made to threaten or scare the Player, yet also inform the Player of Baldi's behavior. Nothing happens for a few seconds, then the game exits out of the You Can Think Pad.

This is when Baldi starts chasing the Player, and the real game begins. In the Story Mode, the next notebooks will still have the third impossible question, unlike in Endless Mode, where only the second notebook has an impossible question.

Intentionally failing all three questions will cause a unique message to show up, saying, "I HEAR MATH THAT BAD." The message only appears in Story Mode, oddly enough. It will also fling Baldi into an uncontrollable fervor where he moves abnormally fast for a few moments before gradually calming down and returning to his regular speed.

Other Appearances


Transcript Description

If all questions are answered correctly on the 1st notebook.

That's more like it... When answered all questions correctly on a notebook after having the 3rd notebook on Endless Mode, and so on.
Keep up the good work or see me after class...

Transcript Description
I HEAR EVERY DOOR YOU OPEN When getting at least one question wrong. (Up to two questions on Story Mode)
I HEAR MATH THAT BAD When all 3 questions are answered incorrectly. (Story Mode only)

Main article: Secret Codes
Transcript Description
THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN When answering a question as 31718 to teleport to the TestRoom.
USE THESE TO STICK TO THE CEILING! When enabling the upside-down secret by typing in 53045009 to the question.

Transcript Description
We've updated our privacy policy. Does not exist in-game. Only appears in a joke teaser posted while V1.3 was under development.


  • The You Can Think Pad is possibly a reference to the Lenovo ThinkPad and the Casio ClassPad.
  • Baldi stops moving while the Player uses the You Can Think Pad.[1]
Baldi's Basics Classic

Beta version of the You Can Think Pad. (V1.0 - V1.3.2)

  • The You Can Think Pad had few amount of changes in updates until the classic version's update V1.4 and the full game:
    • The pad lacked the number pad from its right side.
    • It originally has a trademark icon at the end of its name: "You Can Think Pad™". Although it was removed in the latest update patch.
      • The title's font color was purple rather than blue.
    • At the beginning of the first (and second, in most cases) notebooks in update V1.2.2, Baldi said, "Now it's time for everybody's favorite subject, math!". However, in the V1.3 update, this only applies to the first notebook the Player collect. On the second notebook, this voice line is not used.

A joke teaser in under production of V1.3

  • While update V1.3's under production, a joke teaser shows the pad with the text "We've updated our privacy policy.".
  • The Player can only put numbers in the answer, not letters and symbols (except for the hyphen used for negative numbers).
    • In V1.3.2 and prior, it was possible to type decimal points/dots in the answer. But in V1.4 and up, it's no longer possible to type decimals unless the Player changes the code.
  • The 3rd glitched questions were made by overlaying 3 layers of randomized equations on top of each other.[2]
  • There will be new feature that related to You Can Think Pad called "You Thought Points" (YTPs) in the future update.[3]
  • The You Can Think Pad marks -0 as wrong to questions such as 2 - 2, although -0 is technically correct.
  • In V1.4.1 on mobile version, the "OK" button could be pressed, even though the answer box is empty.
    • In V1.4.2 and up on mobile versions, it now can only be pressed when an answer box is filled.


  • Baldi YCTP v0.0.0

    A text glitch from the prototype.

    In the first version of Baldi's Basics Classic, when collecting the first notebook, there is a bug causing the texts to still say "WOW! YOU EXIST!'" instead of the threatening messages when answering the questions incorrectly. Same applies to the second notebook, where this text got overlapped the problem text.


Other Textures


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