The Yellow Door Lock, or just simply Lock, is an item from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. The Player can obtain this item when they visit a specific faculty room. There are no other locations in the game in which this lock can be obtained.


It is nothing else than a lock with silvery-tinted colors and somewhat a rectangular yellow sticker.


Its only use is to lock any yellow door in the school, preventing any character, including the Player, from entering the door from either side. When the lock is applied to the door, Baldi will try to find another way to the player. The lock can only stay on the door for 15 seconds, but for the player, it is most useful when they're running away from Baldi in the later stages of the game unless Baldi knows a shortcut to the Player.


  • The Yellow Door Lock might be similar to an old English padlock.
  • The lock might have compression put on the image.
  • Before V1.4.1, a glitch caused the three yellow doors in the starting hallway to be unlockable.
  • For some reason, getting out-of-bounds before the 2nd notebook reveals that one yellow door at that time has a Yellow Door Lock on one side, this may mean that the doors where originally going to have that texture if the Player had less than 2 notebooks.
    • Strangely enough, by inserting a lock into the player's inventory before the 2nd notebook has been collected, it can be used on any yellow door except that one door.
    • If the door lock was used on any yellow door except the already locked door before collecting 2 notebooks,it will stay on that door until 2 notebooks are collected,further proving this theory.




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