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WD-NoSquee! When your doors are too loud and you need 'em to be QUIET!
— Description, poster

The WD-NoSquee is an inventory item found in the Baldi's Basics series.


WD-NoSquee is a can with a blue cap and a red nozzle. About 2/3 of the can is blue, in that section is what seems to be the logo, and 1/3 of it is red. The little upper side of the middle is yellow.


WD-NoSquee is used to make standard doors and blue lockers silent. That way, Baldi will not know which door or locker the player opened. The standard door WD-NoSquee sprayed on can be opened and closed four times before making noise again. After that, if the player opens the door again, it will emit a sound. When used on blue lockers in Baldi's Basics Plus, the item's effect lasts for three times of opening and closing. While in that locker, Baldi will ignore the player even if he sees them before entering the locker. However, Baldi will know where the standard door when he sees the player before using this item or he may open a silent door to the room where the player enters while he is wandering around. Therefore, using this item on a standard door is riskier than using it on a blue locker.

Although it can make the door to the Principal's office silent, it will not protect the player if Principal of the Thing takes them to detention because the source of detention and the door sound is different. In detail, the door noise comes out from the door itself, while detention's "noise" occurs in the center of the Principal's office, so the only way to prevent Baldi from attracting by detention is by activating the tape player or pay phone with Baldi's Least Favorite Tape or a Quarter, respectively. It also applies to the door to Mrs. Pomp's classroom when she attracts Baldi for the player being late to her class.


Main gameplay


The WD-NoSquee in Johnny's Store.

WD-NoSquee is primarily found in the faculty rooms, library, and rarely, classrooms. They are also commonly available at Johnny's Store for 75 You Thought Points.

Endless Mode - Medium

WD-NoSquee can be found in a faculty room with two Dirty Chalk Erasers.


Other appearances


  • WD-NoSquee was added upon request by mystman12's cousin, Joshua Valent, who conceived the idea.[1][2]
  • The "Squee" in the name is supposed to resemble the sound a door makes when it is rusty.
  • WD-NoSquee is referenced and edited after a product called WD-40. This is further supported by the item's alternate name "Wd40" from the game's coding scripts.
  • In mystman12's Twitter poll about the most favorite item out of four items, WD-NoSquee's name is misspelled as "WD-NoSqee".[3]
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Unlike other items, the small icon appears to crop the upper part of the large icon, instead of reducing the size.
  • It is possible to have 3 WD-NoSquees at floor 1.
  • Prior to V0.3.5, the amount of WD-NoSquee's effect would also be reduced when other characters open the door.
  • Even though, the "(Door Type)" text is removed from the item's name in all demos except for Field Trip demo, this item is only used on standard doors. However, since V0.1.2 of Baldi's Basics Plus, WD-NoSquee also makes blue lockers quiet, too.[4]
    • Despite this, its poster does not hint it to be used on lockers, as of now.


  • In V1.4.1 of Baldi's Basics Classic, there was a bug that prevented the player from using WD-NoSquee on the geology classroom door in the east hallway. This was fixed in V1.4.1b.


Baldi's Basics Plus
Audio Caption Description
*WHOOSH* (unused caption) When WD-NoSquee is used.
Classic/Birthday Bash
Audio Description
When WD-NoSquee is used.



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