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For the machine found in classrooms, see Baldi's Math Machine.

Vending machines are item/snack machines that the player can interact with in the Baldi's Basics series.


A BSODA machine showing an out of stock sign.

The player needs to stand in front of the machine, press the interact key/button with a Quarter selected, and they will purchase an item. When the stock is out, a sign will display on the machine that reads "Out of goodnes".

In the current version of Baldi's Basics Plus, each vending machine only has one item because it will become out of stock once a Quarter is inserted into it.


All vending machines are entirely 3D models with a cuboid shape. They come in three types.


A BSODA machine seen in a hallway.

It is a soda machine containing a BSODA item. The machine overall has bluish colored-tints and white "BSODA" text.


The machine that grants an Energy Flavored Zesty Bar. It has an orange gradient on a rectangular prism, the "ZESTY" text on the top, the "BAR" text on the bottom, and the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar's icon on the middle.

Crazy Item

A Crazy Item machine found in the cafeteria.

In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, there is a special type of vending machine called Crazy Item machines. They are BSODA machines and Zesty machines with a poster saying "GET A CRAZY ITEM!" text poorly placed over the original machine labels. The poster on the BSODA machine is slightly more stretched out than the one on the Zesty machine.

The machines give random inventory items, except for the Quarter, unlike the other two machines which give only specific items. Replacing both usual vending machines in this game, the Crazy Item machines can be found in almost every location of the Schoolhouse.


Main gameplay

Vending machines in faculty rooms.

The vending machines have a chance to be found in hallways and faculty rooms. The cafeteria is where several vending machines are found.


Other appearances


  • It is possible to purchase the item from behind the vending machine and from the sides.
  • The sign that appeared when the machine is out of stock was first considered in Basically, Games!'s comment.[1] This was then first featured in Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3.
    • Prior to this update, each vending machine usually had an infinite amount of items inside, likely making the game easier for the player (if they have a lot of Quarters).
    • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3.3, this sign did not display in pre-generated maps such as Endless Mode's Medium option and in challenges.
  • The word "goodness" in the sign when the vending machine is out of stock is misspelled as "goodnes".


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  1. "I wanted to limit it to only one BSODA (When testing I found it to be too easy with infinite BSODAs since there are some really long hallways in the level) so as a quick fix I just made it disappear. I'll eventually have an "out of stock" sign or something appear on empty vending machines." - Basically Games' comment on Version 1.0 bug reports post