The Valentine cards are free printable cards for Valentine's Day, published by Basically, Games! on Twitter on February 12, 2020.[1]

Baldi, Playtime, It's a Bully, and the Principal of the Thing are the only characters used for a total of four available Valentine cards.



  • The heart model from Baldi's Valentine card is reused from 1st Prize's "gym cage" body.
  • It's a Bully's text "THIS IS A BULLY" is replaced with "THIS IS A VALENTINE" to fit the theme. Furthermore, the Valentine Card features It's a Bully's 3D render in a higher quality.
    • Baldi also uses his high-quality 3D Blender render.


  1. "Weird out your significant other this #ValentinesDay with an official printable #BaldisBasics valentine! Guaranteed to permanently scar all the memories they make that day!" - Basically, Games!. February 12, 2020. Twitter.


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