Baldi's Basics figures

Action figures and mini figures on the table uploaded on one of the Kickstarter update pages.

All known official toys based on Baldi's Basics Plus, produced by the toy company PhatMojo.

Beanie Plush


Price: $16.99


Price: $16.99

The blacklight versions of Baldi (along with a new "neutral"-faced variant) and It's a Bully are planned to be in stores on 2020.

Action Figures

Price: $16.99

Mini Figures

Price: $6.99

Collectible Figures

Price: $14.99

Building Sets

The building sets are planned to be released on 2020.



  • A camping Baldi plush, and an Arts and Crafters plush can be seen at Toy Fair but are scrapped.
  • The camping Baldi action figure is also seen at Toy Fair but unavailable as of now. It may possibly show up in a future series.



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