Time's up...
— Mrs. Pomp

The timer is a clock-like mechanic used for measuring specific time intervals in Baldi's Basics Plus' general gameplay on a few occasions and commonly in field trips.




When the Player broke the school rules, Principal of the Thing gives the Player detention with certain about of time:

  • 15 seconds
  • 20 seconds
  • 25 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 35 seconds
  • 40 seconds
  • 45 seconds
  • 50 seconds
  • 55 seconds
  • 60 seconds (1 minute)
  • 99 seconds (1 minute and 39 seconds)

When Mrs. Pomp reached the Player, she will tell them to be at her class in 4 minutes. If the Player visits Mrs. Pomp in her class in time, 100 You Thought Points will be given. Although entering the room after the time runs out will trigger a rather furious Mrs. Pomp to appear.

Field Trips

In every field trip, the timer is located at the bottom center of the screen.

BBP Camping
  • In the camping field trip, the timer counts down from 180 seconds (3 minutes). Once it reaches 0, the game will end and the Player will get prizes.
Farm Field Trip
  • In the farm field trip, the timer starts at 0 and will count up. If the timer reaches over a random time between 200 seconds and 350 seconds (between 3 minutes and 20 seconds and 5 minutes and 50 seconds), a giant Gotta Sweep will spawn in, reaping the corn maze and causing angry Baldi to spawn and chase the Player.



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