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TimTom is a character who is planned to appear in Baldi's Basics Plus.


TimTom in Baldiman

TimTom's appearance in "Baldiman" microgame by mystman12.

Nothing major is revealed to describe TimTom's appearance, other than the fact that he is a child. But there's a chance that he will have red shirt, blue pants and brown short hairs (similar to Playtime and Filename2) like his sprite in mystman12's "Baldiman" microgame.


Revealed in the comics, while his personality is unclear, TimTom constantly throws a baseball at Baldi's head as a running gag in the comic strips. It's possible that TimTom could actually be an antagonist toward Baldi.

Artificial Intelligence

Currently, it is unknown how TimTom's mechanic should work in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Ice block comic

TimTom's first debut.

  • TimTom first appeared in the Ice Block comic of mystman12's old comic strip series Baldimore, where he throws a ball at Baldi from the end.
  • TimTom appeared in mystman12's WarioWare D.I.Y. microgame "Baldiman". In this microgame, Baldi has to dodge TimTom's baseballs and destroy his giant baseball launcher.[1][2]
    • Additionally, TimTom is named as Tim-tom in the microgame's description.
  • TimTom's possible appearance in Baldi's Basics Plus is first confirmed by mystman12 when showing off the Ice Block comic.[3]


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  2. "a mask or anything! :P) and must destroy Tim-Tom's (Who was a character from my old Baldi comics) giant Baseball mech. The gameplay is pretty simple, but I've always really like this one regardless!" - mystman12. November 12, 2018. Twitter
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