The Test is an odd character who makes a minor debut in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash and returned in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The Test's head is a strange, floating, bald human-like CGI head with an extended neck ended with what appears to be a prism shape. Its facial features only sport small, pupil-less white eyeballs and an open red square-shaped mouth. This head mildly resembles the overall shape of a light bulb.

The Test's body wears a darker gray shirt and black pants. The Test also wears dark brown/yellow sleeves, flat white shoes, and white-gloved hands with four fingers.

Artificial Intelligence

Main Gameplay

The Test rarely appears in the hallways at random. When the Player looks at him, no matter the distance, he will begin a 5 second startup timer. During this time, the player must get away from him. Once this 5 second period is up, he now gets the ability to move. The Player can only look away for less than a split second so The Test won't go far enough to make physical contact with The Player since his movements are faster than the human eye can see. How slow The Test will move towards the player depends on how fast The Player looked away and looked back (quick-tapping the space key for example).

If The Player does end up looking away for too long, The Test will be able to make contact with The Player, triggering his body to disappear, leaving only his head floating. The Test then makes the entirety of the school dark while strange ambience plays. The Test also looks straight at the Player no matter what camera view the Player faces before The Test goes away, with some of the gameplay elements possibly referencing his location in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. The darkness will go away after 2 minutes, upon which his body returns to his head when the player last made contact. While the player is within The Test's sight, music will play, the school lights will spaz out, and all other characters will freeze and will not move until the player is out of his sight. The power outage caused by The Test is like The Fog Event only there isn't any kind of silhouettes that tell The player where he is going (trees in the playground for example).

Other Appearances


The Test in Birthday Bash.

  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, The Test's head is located in one of the Glitched School. To find it, go to the circled hall that starts with the cookie comic wall from the left-sided hall, and walk pass through another straight hall where the door to the Classroom with Playtime sprites is found. After walking through this hall and another corridor, The Test should be found floating in the middle of the fourth corridor. The fifth and last hallway of the circled corridor after The Test ends at the "transparent" wall, back where the cookie comic is first witnessed. This character looks straight at the Player, no matter what camera view the Player faces.


  • Gif (5)

    The early look of The Test in his full body from the early access trailer.

    From the early access trailer where The Test's full body was shown, his head seems smaller than the body, as well as lacking arms and shoes. His shirt seems to also be a more olive like color.[1]
  • Judging by its former name, TestDithered, it was more than likely a test for the dithering effect used on the characters.
  • The dithering effect used on this character is similar to PlaceFace. However, the Bayer dithering style is used for The Test, while the Floyd–Steinberg dithering style is used for PlaceFace.
  • The sound The Test makes when the Player is in his sight is the same sound from the game's early access trailer at the part where the trademark logo is about to show up; albeit slowed down.
  • The Test is the second character to have a 360 angle, with the first being 1st Prize.
  • He only appears on floor 3 in the Hide-and-Seek mode, but in Endless Mode, he can be spotted later on. He is mostly found on endless seeds that are: 123456789, 666, 0, 454843909.
  • If typing the seed "454843909" and entering the Endless Mode then go to the nearby locker, he'll appear in the right corner of the screen.
  • The filename for The Test's body sprite is referred as "OhNo", the same phrase found in the filename for the classic edition's 99 jumpscare sound and Arts and Crafters' attack sprite.
  • This character drops into the category where mystman12 said there will be a character that "Moves without being observed."
  • There is a bug on the Mac version where The Test's fog is white like the Fog event, instead of black.
  • The loop effect of the blind effect resembles the Creepy Old Computer soundtrack.
  • So far, It's a Bully, Chalkles and The Test are the only characters not to visit the party event.


Sound Description
LAt Sighted-sharedassets6.assets-12
When The Test spots the Player.
LAt Activating-sharedassets6.assets-14
When the Player is in The Test's area.

WARNING: LOUD! For loud template

LAt Loop-sharedassets6.assets-11
Looping sound after The Test is seen.
LAt BlindStart-sharedassets6.assets-10
A blind effect starts after looking away from The Test.
LAt BlindLoop-sharedassets6.assets-13
Looping sound of the blind effect that is caused by The Test.



  1. Baldi's Basics Plus Early Access Trailer [OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL] - 0:28




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