The Player is the unidentifiable main protagonist in Baldi's Basics Plus. Due to the fact that the Player is represented as the gamer themselves with no revealed identity (gender, name, species, etc.), the characters constantly break the fourth wall when speaking to them. The Player takes the role of a school student of Baldi who was sent by their friend into the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse to retrieve all notebooks while evading Baldi.

The Player actively keeps track of how many notebooks they have at any given time with diligence as it is their main mission, indicated by the notebook counter located in the top left corner. Their top right inventory bar keeps track of the five items, depending on the game, they currently have in their possession. There is a stamina meter located at the bottom left corner. In Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the inventory can only store three items and the stamina is located between these two HUDs.


The game is played from a first-person perspective, so the Player's external appearance is never shown. They see from slightly below Baldi's eye level, indicating that they are shorter than him by default as if they're younger.

The Player's model's height is as tall as the ceiling which is 8.2 feet (249.94 centimeters) tall. However, the Player's eye level is only at about 4.6 feet (140.21 centimeters), so it can be determined that their eyes are halfway down their face.

Principal of the Thing gives hints that they're a child, as when sending them to detention, he says that they should know better but still insists on telling their their parents about what they did, even for a small infraction such as running in the halls.

1st Prize claims to be programmed to desire their image and will chase them relentlessly in a prolonged effort to hug/push them.

Curiously, the Player's movement lacks view bobbing, potentially identifying that they slide around similar to everyone else.

While the Player is completely silent, they do make a sound at one point, where they are heard blowing the birthday cake candle in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.


The Player is excellent at quick mental subjects such as adding and subtracting for math problems. However, they fail to solve more complex problems either because those problems are genuinely impossible or they simply cannot understand how to solve them.

The Player's morality can be shaped through their actions - for example, while it is not necessary to cut Playtime's jump rope (which is considered a rude action but temporarily thwarts Playtime being an obstacle), the Player could engage in such an action without hesitation. Given that the Safety Scissors has no other friendly uses, it could be implied that the Player would always grab and use them for their purpose of cutting Playtime's jump rope, or some other similarly malicious action such as cutting 1st Prize's wiring - however, performing such an action grants the Player extra time to evade Baldi, resulting in a greater chance of survival, albeit at the cost of someone else. Therefore, it can be assumed that everything questionable that the Player does or may do is in the spirit of evading Baldi and not being a bully.

Provided that the Player was indeed intended to be a sliding cylinder, they seem to lack many of the human characteristics that would typically make such a scenario as Baldi's Basics impossible, such as fear or shock that would typically faze any other person too much to engage in Baldi's scenario efficiently enough to survive.

It can be assumed that the Player is not very assertive or strong, as the Player is unable to circumvent hazards that other characters bring, such as being caught by Baldi, being stuck jumping rope with Playtime, failing to walk past It's a Bully with no items, being caught breaking the School Rules by Principal of the Thing, being pushed with ease by Gotta Sweep or 1st Prize, getting caught in Beans' gum or told to get to Mrs. Pomp's classroom without being late. Furthermore, their generosity/lack of assertiveness is shown by the fact that they are willing to stay in school after schooling hours to retrieve their friend's notebooks.


Baldi's Basics Plus

The Player's friend requests them to head back to Baldi's school to navigate the notebooks for him. As the Player enters the school, they're greeted by Baldi standing in front of the elevator. The Player has to find classrooms which contain a notebook each. As the Player is far away, hides in a blue locker or uses the Dangerous Teleporter, Baldi becomes hostile and starts chasing the Player. After the Player has succeeded to collect all the notebooks, all elevators open. The Player has to escape by going through all elevators depending on the floors they are one while trying to avoid Baldi in order to complete the game.

Baldi's Basics Classic / Birthday Bash

It is the same in Baldi's Basics Plus except that when collecting a notebook, the You Can Think Pad will appear for the Player to answer math questions. When the Player completes all question for the first notebook, Baldi will reward them a Quarter. But as soon as the Player views the third question of the second notebook, it shows a distorted math question, as mystman12 designed the game to fail the third question from the 2nd to 7th notebook. The first notebook doesn't have that question. Instead of elevators, the Player has to go through four exits. Each exit disappearing show a map where the Player is until the fourth exit, which they have to go through in order to escape the school.


  • In the Development Build of the game, the Player's movement seems to have been more ice-like because it is not using a sort of 'rounded' speed as the normal game does.
  • When hacking in Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping by disabling the first-person view and forcing meshes to be visible, the Player's "identity" is nothing else than a tall, whitish-gray cylinder model. mystman12 even refers the Player as "Capsule Collider", based on the model's name.[1] The cylinder is actually a Unity-Mesh Type, but by default the Player's model is invisible.
  • The Player's icon on the map shown as a white triangle was first seen in development footage from mystman12.[2]
    • Also, there is another arrow on bottom left to 0:20 in the video. mystman12 confirmed that it was a leftover for multiplayer mode.[3]


Sound Description
The sound the Player makes when blowing out the fire on the cake's candle in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.



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