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A list of textures used on each floor in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The main purpose of textures is for environmental decoration.

Common Textures

Wall Textures

There are four common wall textures found all-around the Super Schoolhouse. The regular white brick wall texture, the wooden "saloon" wall, the faculty wall with molding texture and the green placeholder texture.

Floor Textures

There are six different floor textures used in Baldi's Basics Plus. There are the "tile" floor texture, the "actual" tile texture, the "basic" checkered floor, the carpet texture, the grass texture and the red placeholder texture.

Ceiling Textures

There are only three different ceiling textures currently used in the game. There are the regular ceiling texture and the blue placeholder texture.

Window Textures

There are currently only two different window textures. In the original Schoolhouse, it is in a rectangle shape with wooden bars resembling a cross. In the Super Schoolhouse, it is in a slight higher rectangle with woods on each side and bars not resembling a cross.

Special Textures

These wall textures are rarer and not guaranteed to be found. These textures include the Playground fence and Library bookcase textures.

Unique Textures

These types of walls are miscellaneous walls that are meant to tell messages or just for decoration.

Demo End

In the Field Trip demo: Camping, two duplicated "The demo ends here" walls are located in both ends of the demo's beginning location. Towards the left, it will display four end signs when walking through the first. They have no purposes other than leading to Principal of the Thing's Easter Egg.

Weird Message

The Weird Message, also referred as txt_inspiration, is discovered in the Glitched School in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. It is a poster with different colored (green, red, and blue) font text in all caps, reading out the following:


With red words only, the message menacingly reads out as "YOU WILL, NEVER! LEAVE".

This texture wall can be also found in the Super Schoolhouse.

Balloon Wall

The Balloon Wall is found from the Glitched School, exclusively in Birthday Bash. The wall tells the Player to count the balloons (SpoopBalloons) and input the right numbers before accessing the secret location.


"What" Drawing

A strange hand-drawn drawing is randomly seen on the wall in Hallways and Classrooms, showing a simple sketch of a man's face. It was drawn far before the development of Baldi's Basics Classic.[1]


DSCI 0000

A weirder distorted image of a character resembling Baldi (but with a turquoise shirt and a large malformed cranium) in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash will appear randomly around the walls in a large growing number after accessing the secret room.

DSCI 0000-sharedassets2.assets-311.png

0th Prize

0th Prize's wall image is found at the end of one of the hallways within the Glitched School from Birthday Bash.

0th Prize-sharedassets2.assets-486.png


The confetti textures are exclusively used for Birthday Bash. At the end of the game, confetti falls from the ceiling of the Cafeteria when the cast surprises the Player.

It is possible to move the confetti textures by walking towards them. This can be done after using the Teleportation Teleporter to teleport back to the first floor areas.


Field Trips


In the camping field trip, the batch of tree sprites are combined as wall textures for the sides of the map.



In the farm field trip, there are a bunch of corn sprites for the corn maze's wall textures. There is also a ground texture exclusively used here.


  • The some wall, ceiling, and ground textures are very similar to the stone brick, diorite, and sand textures from Minecraft.
  • The window from the Super Schoolhouse bears a striking similar shape to Microsoft Window's first early trademark made since 1985.
  • The blue (ceiling), red (floor), and green (wall) placeholder textures previously used for the Development Build as placeholders are found in the files for the Full Game Early Demo. They are later used for Gotta Sweep's Closet in the Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, Challenges Demo.
  • When zoomed in, the grass texture appears to be a picture of rotini noodles, however it is colored green and distorted to make it look like actual grass.
  • The wooden fence shares the same texture for the Outdoor Areas' fences and the "NO" signs from the camping field trip.
  • On the DSCI 0000 texture, the colored statics (blue from the top, and green at the bottom) for the mysterious, large-brained, Baldi-like figure's image appears to corresponds the shirt color for another Baldi-like character (from the pirated Kickstarter exclusive demo) and Baldi himself respectively. This comparison strongly gives evidence that there are two different hidden entities with relations to Baldi.
    • Two statics also appear to symbolize two colors for mixing into turquoise, the same color for the big-brained Baldi figure's shirt.
  • The "basic" checkered ground texture was used in Sonic's Schoolhouse as well.
  • The "plastic table" ceiling texture is also for the conference tables.
  • The confetti that falls from the Cafeteria ceiling is actually solid and has collision, allowing the Player to walk on it, sometimes gaining a lot of height before the confetti falls back down.


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