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Test procedure is one of the random events for Baldi's Basics Plus.



The lockdown door.

The test procedure event consists of lockdown doors in some hallways which are introduced on floor 2, although the event is introduced on floor 3.

A closed lockdown door.

When the event starts, the player will hear a 10-second countdown, and once it is over, all the lockdown doors will close, preventing the player and other characters from getting through for a few seconds.

Some lockdown doors may shut later than the other doors. In other words, not all lockdown doors close and open at the same time.

A button that can be clicked to open/close a lockdown door.

Some of them can also be opened or closed anytime by pressing the nearest buttons. These doors are not affected by this event.


Although there are no events in challenges, there is one lockdown door in the Stealthy Challenge and Grapple Challenge each.

Other appearances


  • The voice counting down from 9 was done by mystman12 himself.
    • The countdown voices were first used on testing a caption feature in Baldi's Basics Plus.[1]
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • If observing the lockdown door texture closely, an image of Baldi down the hallway is nearly visible.
  • It is the only random event that is absent in Endless Mode.
  • Prior to V0.1.5, when a lockdown door was open, it could be seen on the roof from the playground.
  • Prior to V0.3, the lockdown doors were first introduced on floor 1.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, the lockdown door in the challenges were closed at first.


  • Clipping into a lockdown door.

    It is possible to stand right under one of the lockdown doors and clip into the center of it when it closes. Any movement will free the player. And despite this, NPCs can still interact with the player.
  • Strangely, the countdown starts at 0, but the next count is number 9.
    • It is possible that instead of "0", the voice was supposed to say "10" but mystman12 either forgot to record it or ran out of time.
  • Cloudy Copter's wind can pass through the lockdown doors.


Sound Caption Description
0 The voice counting down.
*Door motor running* Looping sound of the lockdown door moving.
*THUD* The sound of lockdown doors closed or opened completely.


Baldi's Basics Plus
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  1. "Here's something new that I just got pretty much fully working: Subtitles! They change location and sized based on the direction and distance of the sound's location. I did this because listening for noises and where they're coming from is an important aspect of Baldi's Basics." - mystman12. October 18, 2018. Twitter