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TestRoom is a secret room exclusively found in Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.


TestRoom is a rectangular room with two wall-like panels on each side. One of the walls, when behind it, has no collision one-way and turns invisible. The entire room is textured with a red/green gradient background and the hand-written text "Place the holder". There is an idle PlaceFace on the other side, and another PlaceFace following the player around constantly. Unlike Baldi, they do no harm at all.


The location can be accessed after the player types "31718" as an answer to any question while using the You Can Think Pad.

In this room, there are two PlaceFaces, one standing still, and the other slowly following the player. The player will walk and run faster than usual. Once the player enters this room, they cannot pause the game to go back to the title screen, so there is no escape. The only solution for exiting TestRoom is either shutting down/restarting the device, using the task manager to close it, using Alt+F4 for Windows, or pressing the Windows button and closing it out on Windows 10.

It is noteworthy that sometimes when teleporting here, there is a slightly rare chance to hear the voice of mystman12 saying "Elephant hit".


  • The "Place the holder" texture in the screenshot during the game's production.

    The "Place the holder" texture is taken from mystman12's tweet where he started production for Baldi's Basics Classic.[1]
    • The number "31718" is a reference of the date that it was posted. (3/17/2018)
  • The "Elephant hit" quote file is in reference to an unused audio clip of Sonic's Schoolhouse.[2]
Classic/Birthday Bash
  • The player cannot look back when inside this room because the room uses a different script for the controls.[3]
  • The outside of TestRoom.

    If using hacks to see the outside of TestRoom, the old skybox before Baldi's Basics Classic V1.3 can be seen.
  • There is a white cube next to the idling PlaceFace when the room was first implemented. It was visible before Baldi's Basics Classic V1.4.2.
    • If the player steps on the white cube, they will fly endlessly, since gravity is disabled for the player.
  • In Baldi's Basics Classic V1.4.3 and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the player's turn sensitivity is significantly decreased, making them barely turn around.
    • This issue was fixed in the Google Play and iOS version of Baldi's Basics Classic.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In V1.4.1d, the first version of Android platform, no controls were added in the room, making the player unable to move. This issue was fixed in V1.4.2 with the addition of controls.


Sound Subtitle Description
Elephant hit (unused subtitle) mystman12's rare voice line when teleporting to the room.



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