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You need to collect two notebooks before you can use these doors.
— Baldi

The swinging door, formerly called the yellow door, is a type of door from Baldi's Basics Plus. Like regular doors, opening these doors will attract Baldi by the sound.

This is the only door that has special requirements to get it to open.


There are three types for swinging doors, normal swinging door, coin door, and wrong/right-way door.


The most common variant littered through the hallways and have windows which the Player can use to view incoming characters. Every entity (excluding some, such as It's a Bully and Chalkles) can open this door. This door does not need left-clicking to open but instead requires physical contact. Opening swinging doors will slightly slow the Player down.

The swinging doors can be locked by a Swinging Door Lock, preventing anybody from opening it, including Baldi and the Player, for around 15 seconds.


The Coin Door first appears as an ordinary swinging door that has a realistic photo texture of a coin slot in deep reddish-purple color, and printed with the 25 cents symbol and "PUSH TO REJECT" text below.

The coin door appears in some hallways and requires the Player to insert a Quarter into the slot of the coin door. If the Player does not insert a quarter into the coin slot, nobody can pass through the door, essentially acting as a permanent Swinging Door Lock.

After inserting a Quarter into the coin slot, the coin door will change into an ordinary swinging door permanently, becoming accessible.



The right-way door.

The Player and other characters can open the swinging door with green arrow icons and go through it. On the other side, there is a door with red line icons, which cannot be opened once it has been closed.


Main Gameplay

While they were mostly scattered through the halls, these doors also lead to the special locations (Cafeteria, Playground, and Library) where the Player can find useful items.

Other Appearances

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic, the normal-type swinging doors are only featured. When the Player starts the game, they will be unable to access the first three swinging doors, with one in front of them and one to the right and left, until they've collected two notebooks. These doors also lead through one of the 4 exits found after the Player collects 7 notebooks in Story Mode. There are 8 swinging doors in total.
  • From Field Trip Demo, PlaceFace can be found hidden in the swinging doors behind the school.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, there are 5 normal swinging doors in total. Furthermore, the coin doors are introduced, but there is only one.


  • The coin door's slot is modelled after the quarter slots in arcade machines.
  • Swinging doors can not make a sound when closing, unlike normal doors.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Before V1.3.2, there were only 6 swinging doors.
  • Until the second notebook is collected, the swinging door at the dark hallway with the "Mailbox" comic has a Swinging Door Lock on one side of it.
Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo
  • SwingDoorOrisIt

    The hovering swinging door in the early demo, seen with hacking.

    When teleporting outside of the school with hacks, a swinging door can be seen visibly above the school building.


Sound Description
Swingdoor open
The sound when opening a swinging door.




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