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Structures are architectural objects located around all locations within the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse in the Baldi's Basics series.


The structures can be interacted by approaching them close enough and click them when (for most of the them) 1st Prize's hand ( CursorSprite Classic.png) displays on the object. There are some structures with a lack of interacting functions but designed as mere obstacles to attempt halting the Player's progress.

The exceptions are the wall props. Despite so, some of them give hints about how some items, other structures or characters work.



Name Image Functions
Pay Phone
Found in Hallways.

Makes the noise to distract Baldi upon inserting a Quarter.

Tape Player
Found in the Principal's Office.

Activates the noise with Baldi's Least Favorite Tape and prevents Baldi from hearing the Player.

You Can Think Pad
In Baldi's Basics Plus, it is a screen will appear when pausing the game or displaying an overall map.

In Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, it shows the math problems to complete before collecting each notebook.


Name Image Functions
Baldi's Math Machine
Found in Classrooms.

Provides a notebook and 25 You Thought Points after answering a math question correctly.

Found in Hallways and sometimes the Cafeteria and the Playground.

Transports the Player to different levels.

Vending Machines
BSODA Machine.png
Found in the Cafeteria, Faculty Rooms with round tables, and Hallways.

Grants the Player with items after purchasing with a Quarter. There are three types: BSODA, Energy Flavored Zesty Bar and Crazy Item.

Water Fountain
Found in Hallways and Faculty Rooms with lunch tables.

Refills the Player's stamina when clicked on.


Name Image Functions
ClassStandard Closed.png
Found anywhere.

Coming in several types, the doors connect to rooms but opening them will make a sound to attract Baldi.

Lockdown Doors
Lockdown Door Render.png
Found in Hallways.

Block some halls off during the Test Procedure event, preventing the Player and other characters from getting through. Some of them can be opened and closed by buttons.

Red Locker.png
Found in mostly hallways and other locations in the Super Schoolhouse.

Can be used for hiding or as mere decorations.

Swinging Doors
Found in Hallways.

Similar to standard doors, but require unique recommendations before accessing except for the normal one.


Name Image Functions
Bear Trap
Found in the camping field trip, prior to V0.3 update of Baldi's Basics Plus.

Stops any character from moving for 5 seconds upon getting stepped on.

Conveyor Belt
Conveyor cropped.png
Found in Hallways.

Slows characters (except for Baldi) down or speeds them up depending on which direction they are walking in.

Rotohall render.png
Found in Hallways.

Rotates to face a different direction by pressing the button.

Wall props

Name Image Functions
Chk cheese.png
Found in Classrooms and Faculty Rooms in Classic/Birthday Bash.

Some of them may give information about the game, but most of them are just for decoration. Sometimes, there is a blank chalkboard where Chalkles spawns.

Hnt windows.png
Found in everywhere.

Gives information about some items and structures.

School Rules
Hnt rules.png
Found in everywhere.

A list of school rules.


Name Image Functions
Baldi's Bus
Found in Outdoor Areas.

Takes the Player to a random field trip upon full approach.

Found attached to the walls of halls and rooms.

Activates other nearby structures.

Found inside the Cafeteria. (Birthday Bash only)

Allows the Player to blow the fire off the candle to get the "ending".

FireSpriteSheet 7.png
Found in the camping field trip.

The Player needs to keep the fire running by switching their positions for the correct logs, based on the math questions and answers.

Number Balloons
NumBall 0.png
Found in Classrooms along with Baldi's Math Machine.

Used to answer a math question on Baldi's Math Machine.