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For the main mode in Baldi's Basics Plus, see Hide-and-Seek.
Collect all 7 notebooks, and then exit the school, to win!
— Description

Story Mode's icon in V1.3 to V1.3.2 of Baldi's Basics Classic.

Story Mode is the main mode exclusive to Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.


Part 1: Beginning Mode

When it begins, the Player will be greeted with Baldi, who will explain how the game works. Once the Player gets into a classroom, they will find a notebook. Interacting with it causes the You Can Think Pad to appear onscreen, with Baldi's face shown explaining how the Player can use the Pad to answer questions. The first notebook will be simple and doable. Baldi congratulates the Player and gives them a quarter (present in Birthday Bash) when they have answered all of the problems correctly.

Going to the second notebook, the two questions will be normal but the third is a jumble of randomized numbers and letters. When Baldi says the numbers for the third question, this will prompt a loud glitchy noise rather than a number. The Player cannot solve this question (unless using a mod or cheat), so to progress, they must answer it incorrectly, which will jump to the next stage of the game.

Part 2: Spoop Mode

Baldi will start chasing the Player with a ruler, and each notebook they collect will prompt him to go faster since the third question is unsolvable (he quite literally reminds the Player that he gets angrier for every problem the Player gets wrong). If Baldi reaches the Player, the game is over.

The goal of this game mode is to collect all 7 notebooks in the classrooms while avoiding or challenging the characters. Right now, there are 5 other notebooks to find.

Part 3: Finale Mode

Once the Player collects all the notebooks, the Player will be greeted with Baldi's voice over the intercom saying the following:


During this phase, if the Player reaches one of the exits, it will be closed off at the last second, replaced by a wall with blocks that indicate a rough map of the Schoolhouse, including a "You are here" indicator. The Player must activate three exits, and then leave through the fourth one to win the game. However, it is challenging to complete this task at this point, as Baldi moves extremely fast, and the exits are all around the outside of the school, one being in the cafeteria. Additionally, Arts and Crafters becomes hostile and he will charge at the Player if looked at and teleport them and Baldi to the start.

After going to one exit, the whole school will turn red. Two exits result in an ear-splitting pitch-rising static sound playing until the Player wins or loses. Three exits slowly start to increase the sound's pitch in order to stress the Player.

In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the cafeteria exit will appear after reaching other three exits in the hallways.