Stealthy Challenge is a challenge from Baldi's Basics Plus.


In this challenge, there are 6 Principal of the Thing clones wandering around the Super Schoolhouse, and Baldi will stay in the Principal's Office. At the beginning, the Player will have their inventory full of Dirty Chalk Erasers. All items in the school are replaced with Dirty Chalk Erasers and Energy Flavored Zesty Bars.

The Player needs to check their map, hide in lockers and use Dirty Chalk Erasers to avoid being seen by any of Principal of the Things. If any of them see the Player, they will begin chasing after them immediately as they are sneaking into Super Schoolhouse after hours.

Baldi is not a threat unless the Player is sent to detention, as he will always be waiting for them in the Principal's Office, and since the door for the office is locked and Baldi's base speed is faster, there is no way to escape. Inside the office only contains many posters of Principal of the Thing.

In the map screen, Principal of the Things are marked as gray arrows (Arrow).


Classrooms Faculty Rooms Special Rooms Total
7 10 0 17
Dirty Chalk Eraser Energy Flavored Zesty Bar Total
19 (including inventory) 5 24



  • Classroom 1
  • Classroom 2
  • Classroom 3
  • Classroom 4
  • Classroom 5
  • Classroom 6
  • Classroom 7

Faculty Rooms

  • Faculty Room 1
  • Faculty Room 2
  • Faculty Room 3
  • Faculty Room 4
  • Faculty Room 5
  • Faculty Room 6
  • Faculty Room 7
  • Faculty Room 8
  • Faculty Room 9
  • Faculty Room 10


Map looks like.


  • The Stealthy Challenge is introduced in Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo as one of the first three challenges.
  • 99seed

    The Stealthy Challenge's seed in the Challenges Demo.

    Strangely, the number 99 is mentioned as the seed, according to the files of the Challenges Demo.
  • Winov glitch

    The window with the wall lacking texture.

    One of the windows of the Faculty Room had an untextured (white) mask.
    • Upon the first version of Baldi's Basics Plus the untextured mask in now clear.

      The clear mask as seen in Baldi's Basics Plus.


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