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A list of various sprites used for the Baldi's Basics series.


Sprites are used for certain structures or for decoration. Every character in Baldi's Basics uses sprites for their design and are never a 3D model in-game.

All sprites are front-facing 2D sprites, meaning 2D sprites that constantly face the camera. The only non front-facing 2D sprites are 1st Prize, The Test (body only), Baldi's Bus and the "NO" signs seen in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Several structures are in the form of sprites.

The list includes:

Super Schoolhouse

Field Trips




Common Sprites

Room Materials

There are papers found laying on desks inside some Classrooms and Faculty Rooms with big desks, the Player can see a stickman on the paper but it cannot be for sure. There are also sheets with pencils, but only in Baldi's Basics Classic and Birthday Bash. In some classrooms, there are notebooks (not to be confused with the objective notebooks) that cannot be picked up, unlike the other notebooks that the Player needs to collect.

A full view of this large globe (via hacking).

Inside the Principal's Office and some Faculty Rooms with big desks, there are earth globes. The size of the globes vary, some are a normal size but in one Faculty Room, there is an unusually giant one seeming to clip through the floor, as seen in the original Schoolhouse.

In the Cafeteria and Faculty Rooms with Vending Machines, there are multiple identical restaurant-based lunch meals and bananas on most of the tables. The tray seems to have a drink, some load of fries, and some bread or a burger inside of what looks like some tin foil. Also applied in the Playground, but only in the Full Game Early Demo. The banana also appears in Baldi's Office in Classic and Birthday Bash for unknown reasons.

Room Decorations

Tree-like plants in brown pots are seen in some Hallways, Faculty Rooms (In Classic and Birthday Bash) and Exits.

The "EXIT" signs are used for Schoolhouse's exits. There is also another "EXIT" sign in a Faculty Room with a Swinging Door Lock, right above a massive globe.

Lamps in Library.

Upon the Baldi's Basics Plus release, there are lamps attached to the ceilings of the Classrooms, Faculty Rooms, Principal's Office, Library and the Mystery Room (In Endless Mode - Medium).

Unique Sprites

Party Balloons

The location of a red balloon from Birthday Bash.

The balloons are used for the party event at the Principal's Office, appearing in multiple sorts of colors: Orange, green, blue, and purple.

In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, these balloons can be seen almost everywhere in the Schoolhouse. The balloons can be pushed and even slow the Player's movement when trying to pass them. Updated in the Full Game Early Demo, the collision is removed and makes the Player able to pass through the balloons more easily. Furthermore, a single red balloon is hidden, and can be found at the Outdoor Area from the Schoolhouse's west wing when using hacks. If the red balloon is observed carefully, the number 99 written backwards is located on the left side.

Those balloons are also found in Baldi's Office after completing the Hide-and-Seek mode in Baldi's Basics Plus. Prior to V0.3.3, there was a red balloon stuck on the bottom-left corner and kept flickering.


There are completely 3D-modeled trees in the Playground area, being the only plant life so far to be a 3D model, however it appears as a 2D billboarded sprite.

Field Trips


Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3, there are photo-realistic trees littered around the whole forest in the camping field trip, having grayish wood and light green leaves. On rare occasions, a tree with the number 99 on the trunk will spawn. There are also "NO" signs found in the deeper areas.


  • The food in the cafeteria appears to be from the fast-food chain Five Guys.
  • The papers are actually a stack of mystman12's old Baldimore comics.
  • The balloons floating around the halls is probably a reference to Sonic's Schoolhouse, in which there was a minigame that involved popping balloons (which resemble the balloons seen here) to get items to open doors.
  • The balloons' sprites are not obscured when the fog event triggers. This may be a development oversight.
  • Baldi-Congrats.gif
    The potted plant resemble some kind of indoor pine or tropical plant.
  • The 3D-modeled tree is first seen in the animated gif where Baldi gives a thumb up when Baldi's Basics Classic is downloaded 100,000 times. This was later used in the Full Game Early Demo.
  • The camp tree resembles Lombardy poplar or some kind of columnar oak. The trunk was edited, however.
  • The plants and the trees from the old camping field trip contain some small transparent holes, due to the effect when removing backgrounds.
  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.3, trees in the Playground are invisible in pre-generated levels. However, they still have collision.
  • All decorations used in the original Schoolhouse were missing for the Super Schoolhouse, but they returned in Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3.[1]
    • However, this does not apply in pre-generated maps as of now.
  • The lamp is very similar or identical to Sonic's Schoolhouse.


  1. Q: "Hi, I want to know if the decoration sprites (like the food trays, globes and notebooks) will return to baldi's basics plus in a future update. I miss them." / A: "Yes, they'll be added back in eventually!" - mystman12. July 20, 2020. Twitter