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SpoopBalloons are corrupted sprite file-like entities that first appear in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. They are referred to as "balloons" for unknown reasons in the puzzle room in the Glitched School, most likely since they share the same physics as the balloon party decoration found within rooms of Here School.


All of SpoopBalloons are a variation of Baldi's chase sprite in Birthday Bash, coming in several colors:

  • Purple - The most common type. There are 8 of them.
  • Blue - The second common variant. There are 6 of them.
  • Green - A slightly uncommon type. There are 3 of them.
  • Orange - The rarest to find, as there is only 1 of them.
  • Red - Appears after the balloon puzzle is solved.

They also appear with randomly cropped numbers, letters, and symbols. The red SpoopBalloons, out of all the others, look severely more glitched, with multiple parts of heads.



A swarm of red SpoopBalloons following after the Player.

The non-red ones can be found in the glitched areas during the normal ending of Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. They move around very slowly like balloons, and possible to push them. After finding the puzzle room, the Player must enter the numbers 8, 6, 3, and 1 in reference to how many SpoopBalloons there are. Shortly after entering the now-unlocked secret room, a numerous amount of red SpoopBalloons will start to appear by clipping out from walls, making beeping and glitching noises as they follow after the Player. As time progresses, a number of red SpoopBalloons will increase, slowly taking over the entire locations. This will get noisy very fast as every clone will play the sound individually.

The non-red ones serve no function other than to be counted. Red SpoopBalloons act as light obstacles, as enough of them, crowded around the Player can slow their movement. Many of these will continue to crowd the Player until the distorted "Thank you!" screen appears. The sound will still be apparent during the ending.


  • The red SpoopBalloon's noise audio also plays when the jumpscare occurs from the game over screen in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. mystman12 confirms this to be made by mistake.[1]
  • The colors of SpoopBalloons are same as ones from the regular balloons.


  • If pushing one SpoopBalloon to the corner, both the entity and the Player themselves will get permanently stuck, soft-locking the game.


Audio Description
The red SpoopBalloon's noise. It repeats when they finish playing the sound.

WARNING: LOUD! For loud template



  1. "I didn't mean to do that. it was actually an accident... The best kind of accident! :P" - mystman12. June 11, 2019. Twitter


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