Speedy Challenge is one of the challenges available from the Challenge Mode in Baldi's Basics Plus.


In this challenge, the only characters in the school are the Player and Baldi. Both characters are much faster than in the original mode. The goal is to collect 25 notebooks and reach all elevators while avoiding Baldi. There are many Quarters littered throughout Classrooms and Faculty Rooms, some of which the Player might have to use on the many coin doors that lie in the humongous school.

If the Player inserts a quarter into the BSODA Machine, it disappears and leaves them with one BSODA throughout the whole playthrough. There are three Zesty Machines in total, so the Player can get up to three more Zesty Bars.

This challenge is mostly a test of reflexes, as the Player has to move extremely quickly and precisely to avoid Baldi.


Classrooms Faculty Rooms Special Rooms Total
25 40 0 65
Quarter BSODA Energy Flavored Zesty Bar Total
29 1 1 31



Faculty Rooms


Speedy Challenge Map.png


  • Speedy Challenge is first featured in Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo as one of the first three challenges.
  • With a bigger amount of rooms and halls, this challenge has the largest map in the whole game.
  • The one-time use BSODA Machine.

    The one-time use of the BSODA Machine is intentional because it can be very easy to complete the challenge with plenty of BSODA from the machine.[1] Since V0.3 update, the Zesty Machines become one-time use as well, but they will not disappear and do not have the "Out of goodnes" sign after inserting a Quarter into them.
  • Every chalkboard in this challenge has the text "Baldi says: You can't hide from me! Haha!".
  • This is the only challenge which does not feature the Principal's Office.


  1. "I wanted to limit it to only one BSODA (When testing I found it to be too easy with infinite BSODAs since there are some really long hallways in the level) so as a quick fix I just made it disappear. I'll eventually have an "out of stock" sign or something appear on empty vending machines." - Basically Games' comment on Version 1.0 bug reports post


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