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A list of all short soundtracks for the Baldi's Basics series. They are composed by mystman12 and his sister Cady McGonigal.


In-game tracks


Name Audio Used in
Creepy Old Computer
When the fog event starts.
During the ending of Baldi's Basics Plus in Hide-and-Seek.
Hayride Too I Don't Even Care
The party event.
Playtime's music
Playtime's theme.


Name Audio Used in
Elevator theme
Used as the elevator's background music.
The save file got corrupted and the warning screen.
When the first wrong answer is inserted.
Main menu screen.
Using the You Can Think Pad.
Beginning part of the game.
Timer going out during the camping field trip. Currently only used in Field Trip demo.

Other tracks

Other music tracks not found in the audio files include:

Name Audio file
Runner Star Home
Cheap Cutscene in a Cheap Edutainment Game
How to Eat Cheese
Meena Monna Moop
My Brother is a Clown
That Flips My Hat Backwards
The Side Effects of School
She Made a Mistake Right at the End
Just Messin' Around
Cheer for the Sport!
New Thing Unlockabled!

Another track is used on backgrounds in the Baldi's Basics Plus early access trailer from 0:00 to 0:03.

While most of these tracks (although not all) are used for mystman12's Kickstarter campaign video about Baldi's Basics Plus and are composed by Cady McGonigal, the rest of these tracks are highly likely to be used for Baldi's Basics Plus upon its release. Besides the available OST video, the "Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Madness Soundtrack" album can be downloaded from Dropbox.


  • The music was made by using Music Maker that comes from an old software called Adventure Maker.[1]
  • The music was made to sound like a .midi file, which a lot of 90s games used to cut back storage space.
  • The music in all games excluding Baldi's Basics Plus, despite sounding like a .midi, is saved as .wav files in the game files. This is because mystman12 converted the .midi files to .wav since Unity does not support MIDI files.
    • In Baldi's Basics Plus, however, the MIDI format is recoded into the game. Only "School", "Intro", "Dance" and elevator theme are using this format, however.
  • Some of the music sounds rather repetitive. It may be a reference to repetitive soundtracks in many CD-ROM games to save space.
  • In Baldi's Basics Plus, there are some unused files for the MIDI format such as "Learn", "LearnFixed", "TransitionTestLoop", "TransitionTest", "SlapTest", "SlapTestSilent", "TeaserSlap", etc. These are used as tests for some music functionality.[2]
  • A part of the 99 soundtrack appears to be a parody of the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb".
  • Despite the midi tracks being made in a music program, every song in the Kickstarter Madness Soundtrack was played on a Casio brand keyboard as it produces those sounds. These tracks are the only ones that were not made with a music program, and are also the only tracks to be recorded with a mic to be in the game.
    • The instrument for Creepy Old Computer, for example, is the Space Pad instrument on the keyboard.
    • The keyboard used was most likely dated to be made in the late/early 90s as the newer keyboards do not produce the same sounding instruments, which might be the reasoning to why it was used for the soundtrack.
  • The track Runner Star Home's name is a reference to the web cartoon Homestar Runner.


  • In Baldi's Basics Plus, the music has been changed to MIDI format. Therefore, sometimes many music notes will play all at once in the intro.



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