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Seeds are the mechanism used to randomly generate floors.


The seed number on the elevator screen.

A seed is a random string of numbers used in level-generating algorithms to procedurally generate and create each floor in Baldi's Basics Plus. After completing the Hide-and-Seek mode once, the player can choose to put in a specific seed or leave it blank to generate a random one. In Endless Mode's random option, the custom seed is available regardless of completing Hide-and-Seek.

Level-Building Algorithm Codes

Accessing the ClassBuilder.

When accessing Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo code via DnSpy, there is an algorithm for generating all the different types of locations:


The Stealthy Challenge's seed.

  • The seed for the Stealthy Challenge is listed as 99 in Challenges Demo.
  • The concept of randomly-generated floors was inspired by the Sega Genesis game ToeJam & Earl.
  • There are exactly 4,294,967,231 possible seeds.
  • Prior to the V0.1.1 update of Baldi's Basics Plus, it was possible to enter the seed number lower than -2147483615 and higher than 2147483615.
  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.3, playing the game with the seed - would crash the game, but since this version, it will select the random seed.
  • Some seeds generate debug rooms if there is no proper space to generate classrooms. Their color on the map is black like the library prior to the V1.2 in Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.