There are currently few known codes in Baldi's Basics Plus to enable secrets by typing the numbers with keyboards or clicking on the number pads while using the You Can Think Pad.


Number code YCTP message Result
31718 THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN Teleports the Player to TestRoom.
53045009 USE THESE TO STICK TO THE CEILING! Causes everything (except for HUDs) to appear upside down. In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the Player can find Filename2 by entering this code, because it teleports them from the Glitched School's to the lower floor.


  • This feature was first introduced in update version 1.4.1 for Baldi's Basics Classic.
  • The "31718" number, along with the You Can Think Pad's corresponding result message, is a reference to the actual date where mystman12 began developing Baldi's Basics - March 17th, 2018 (3/17/18).
  • The "53045009" code is "GOOSHOES" upside down. The "goo shoes" is a reference of the Slime Shoes in the 90s.


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