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For a similar mechanic, see You Thought Points.
The faster you are, the more points you'll earn!
— Farm field trip's description, Field Trips mode menu

Score points is a scoring HUD located at the top left in Baldi's Basics Plus, exclusive for field trips mode.




The camping field trip leaderboard.

When each stack of logs lands into the correct campfire based on math questions and answers in one round, the current amount of campfire will be added to the score. If at least one stack lands into the incorrect campfire in one round, then the campfires with the right answers will worth the points. Once the field trip is over, the score points the player has earned in total will appear at the leaderboard.


The farm field trip leaderboard.

The number of the remaining timer when the correct animal is brought to the barn is added to the score. That means, if the current score is 10 and a right animal is get into the barn when there are 15 seconds left, then the total of the score will be 25.


  • Prior to V0.3, the scoring feature was also used in Hide-and-Seek and Explorer Mode, exclusively for camping. Once the timer reaches -1, the player wins the game and they are awarded with a final score. The higher the score the player acquires when time runs out, the better and more items and You Thought Points they will be rewarded with. Depending how quick the player is, a total of three stars will grant the player. Each log is worth points when brought back to the campfire. Depositing multiple logs than bringing just one at a time allots more points called "Bonus score". The player also earns points for every second the fire is burning. The brighter the fire, the more points are earned per second. The amount of points earned decrements as the fire slowly dies out, and stops when the fire dies completely. At first, the points for the campfire starts at 100, then after 2 seconds, it will decrease to 90 points and after all, 10 points will be reduced per 5 seconds. However, when Cloudy Copter appears and blows the campfire, then the point reducing time become halved.

Other Appearances

  • The Field Trip demo: Camping V1.1 scoring HUD.

    In Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping, the HUD is located at the top center. The refueled campfire often has 98 or 99 points as soon as the player puts logs in it. In addition, the points from the campfire decreases 2 points per second. Once the timer hits 0, the player will earn fire bonus depending on how big the light effect of the campfire. However, if the player wins while the fire is out, their fire bonus will be a negative number, meaning the player loses some points based on the negative value of the fire bonus.


Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping
  • The Field Trip demo: Camping V1.0 scoring HUD.

    In V1.0, the HUD was extremely small, its size was increased drastically with the release of V1.1.