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Oh, hi! Welcome to my Schoolhouse!
— Baldi

A view of the Schoolhouse as seen in the Thank You! video.

The Schoolhouse (also known as Here School*) is the general setting of Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. It is a smaller version of Baldi's Basics Plus' Super Schoolhouse.


The Schoolhouse is an elementary school appearing as a simple rectangle-shaped building and has only one floor. Besides just Baldi, only Playtime, Principal of the Thing, It's a Bully, Gotta Sweep, Arts and Crafters, and 1st Prize resides in the Schoolhouse.

List of Rooms

Common Locations

Name Image Description
Multiple rooms where a notebook and some inventory items can be found.
Locations appearing as a direct way out of the Schoolhouse. Becomes available as a final objective before completing the game.
Faculty Room
Completely restricted rooms with no students allowed to enter. Principal of the Thing will send the Player to detention when catching them entering, exiting, or being inside.
One of the most common locations in the Schoolhouse. Some halls includedoors and swinging doors to specific rooms. The Quarter can be randomly found in the halls.
Principal's Office
The office owned by Principal of the Thing. This is where the Player is sent for violating one of the school rules. This office is also the area where all characters' descriptions can be viewed.

Special Locations

Name Image Description
A massive room where the Player can find some snack/food-based items and a BSODA Machine.
Janitor's Closet
A small location where Gotta Sweep resides.
Outdoor Area
Classic Outdoor Areas
Inaccessible and nothing interesting to find in these areas other than serving as the outside world's decoration.

Hidden Locations

Name Image Description
Baldi's Office
The office owned by the head teacher Baldi but was hidden for unknown circumstances.


  • After collecting 7 notebooks in Story Mode, when the Player walks up to an exit, pictures of the map will appear.
  • BALDI 2018-06-09 19-27-10-23

    The Schoolhouse's map from outside while hacking.

    If the Player was to view the Schoolhouse from the Outdoor Areas, they'd find the Player can see through the walls. This is because the Schoolhouse is created out of walls that only have one side.
  • The brightness of the Schoolhouse is different from some versions in the classic edition.
    • In V1.3 to V1.4.1d, the Schoolhouse looks less brighter than the previous versions.
    • In V1.4.2 and so on, it is brighter than the other versions - same goes to the Birthday Bash edition.
  • In the description of It's a Bully in the Principal's Office, the Schoolhouse is named as "here school". The first and second words don't start with capital letters. Though, in some online merchandise's descriptions and mystman12's comment, both words are capitalized.
  • The "fret" sound, one of the random sounds for pathfinding codes, sounds nearly yet uncannily identical to the sound piece heard multiple times in the 1993 first-person shooter game Doom's "Suspense" track, in timestamp 0:56 for instance. Most likely since they use the same MIDI sample.
  • The pathfind code's "creepy sound" audio, which sounds like heavy breathing, was actually recorded around 2009. This was revealed by mystman12 in his stream.[1]
  • Map edited

    A full map in 3D model program showing the invisible Arts and Crafters triggers.

    When looking up the map's 3D model, there seem to be six hidden empty rooms in the map: two rooms between three hallways connected to the bottom right corner outside of the Cafeteria, one around the Janitor's Closet, one from the hallway of the map's left-hand side where two connected faculty rooms are at, and two others from the hallway between where the Pay Phone is found. However, it is later revealed that they are not actually rooms as they are the triggers for Arts and Crafters. What this means is that these triggers/boxes allow Arts and Crafters to show up in locations on the map.[2]
    • The reason why they show up is that they are actually boxes and are sort of a part of the map, only they are renderer (The tool that allows boxes to appear) is off. Although, The collision still exists.


Brief random noises heard on occasions play from the pathfinding code. When a character finds a new location to walk to, there is a 1 in 49 chance (roughly 2% chance) that a random sound will play.

Name Audio Description
Creepy sound
Creepy sound
A heavy breathing sound. At the end of the clip, a sound that sounds extremely similar to the ticking sound the alarm clock makes can be heard.
A pulsating synth.
A strange, chicken-like clucking. It is actually an edited guitar fret audio. In Music Maker, the sound effect is "120 Guitar Fret Noise" and edited with 2B.
A buzzsaw.
A much quieter version of the Loud Noise's last part. If the start of the sound was made louder, a static sound can be heard before the sound that is supposed to be heard starts.

In the final part, a loud, distressful noise (codenamed aud_MachineQuiet, aud_MachineStart, and aud_MachineRev) will play and progress worse each time when the Player reaches the exit.

Name Audio Description
Quiet Noise
Quiet noise loop
A "UFO-like" synth noise is heard in a looped audio after reaching the first exit.
Loud Noise
Loud noise 3
Loud noise 3 Loop
A loud bass-boosted noise, with its intro starting to play before looping after the Player reached the second fake exit. As the noise progresses after reaching the third fake exit, it will soon grow louder while slowly turning into a painful sound resembling a speeding car shifting down its gear or a motorcycle, before looping the louder part.

The first noise also plays in the Kickstarter promotion video where Joshua Valent did a T-pose when mystman12 bursts out laughing about the "lore", and as well used in the "Thank You" video after the Kickstarter reached its goal. WARNING: LOUD! For loud template



  1. "I think I- That sound that just played, I think I recorded that like maybe almost ten years ago..." - Livestream archive 59:16~59:26
  2. "So those rooms aren't actually rooms at all, they're actually just pieces of the triggers used to control Arts and Crafters. There are actually eight triggers total and when you enter one Arts and Crafters will head to a predetermined location based on the trigger you entered." - Baldi's Basics Classic LOST BITS (ft. The Developer!) | Unused Content TetraBitGaming 1:42~1:57



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