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"If I see anyone breaking the school rules, I'll make sure justice is served! It tastes good and fills my tummy!"
— Principal of the Thing's description, Principal's office

The player breaking one of the school rules.

School rules are, as the name implies, the rules that Principal of the Thing enforces at the Schoolhouse and Super Schoolhouse. While it is not required to follow the rules, if the Principal catches the player breaking them except for the "No bullying" or the "No fourth wall breaks" rules, he will relentlessly pursue them, and when he catches them, he will put them in his office for detention. However, while a Faculty Nametag is in action or the player is in the playground or Principal's office, even if they break the rules, he will not scold them.

List of rules

The school rules poster.

The school rules listed in the poster are:

  1. No running - Running in any location.
  2. No entering faculty - Going in, exiting out, or remaining inside of the faculty rooms.
  3. No bullying - A punishment only for It's a Bully. When Principal of the Thing sees It's a Bully asking for an item from the player, he will send the Bully to detention.
  4. No drinking - Using the BSODA.
  5. No escaping detention - Escaping the Principal's office while the player is in detention. But, if they leave the Principal's office then enter the playground, he will not scold them for escaping detention.
  6. No fourth wall breaks - Breaking the fourth wall is likely about the game's whole program. However, the player cannot perform this except in Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping by "breaking" the fourth "The demo ends here." wall. However, Principal of the Thing will not send the player to detention for doing it.

There are two additional rules that are not mentioned in the poster yet:


  • Although Playtime gets sad if the player uses Safety Scissors to cut her rope, it is not intended to violate the "No bullying" rule.[1]
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Even though the player can technically drink water from the water fountain, it does not count as a violation of the "No drinking" rule, possibly because it is forbidden to drink any beverage except water.
  • Prior to V0.3.5, the poster was smaller and the rules were not listed numerically. Also, the text was included in the texture file.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Within the game files, there are audio clips of Principal of the Thing saying "No stabbing people with pencils in the halls!" and "No looking in other people's lockers in the halls!", but both are not used.
    • The "No stabbing people with pencils in the halls!" quote was going to be used when the Principal catches the scrapped "Pencil Boy" character stabbing the player with pencils.[2]
    • The quote for the Principal catching the player for looking in lockers is later used since Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, adding a new rule to the list. However, the school rules poster is not yet updated.
  • In earlier versions, eating in the halls by using the Energy flavored Zesty Bar was against the rules. This school rule has been removed since update V1.3. This was most likely changed due to lack of sense.
  • There were four school rules posters, but the one from the long hallway at the school's east wing was removed in V1.4.



  1. "Getting sent to detention for cutting Playtime's jump rope is actually a huge misconception. I never intended for the player to get in trouble for doing that, and it's not a bug." - Kickstarter comment section
  2. "The "stabbing people with pencils in the halls" thing was actually going to do a character I would think I was gonna call him just like "Pencil Boy" or something. ... And basically what I was gonna be was this little kid who would basically come to you and start stabbing with pencils, and if the Principal saw, then he would get rid of him." - Livestream archive 48:31-48:56