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If I see anyone breaking the school rules, I'll make sure justice is served! It tastes good and fills my tummy!
— Principal of the Thing's office description

The School Rules are, as the name implies, rules that Principal of the Thing enforces at Super Schoolhouse in Baldi's Basics Plus. While it is not required to follow the rules, if the Principal catches the Player breaking them except for the No bullying or the No fourth wall breaks rules, he will relentlessly pursue them, and when he catches them, he will put them in his office for detention.

List of Rules

The School Rules are:

  1. No running - Running in any location, except the Principal's Office and the Playground.
  2. No entering faculty - Visiting in, exiting out, or remaining inside of the Faculty Rooms.
  3. No bullying - A punishment for It's a Bully only when the Principal of the Thing sees the Player near the Bully.
  4. No drinking - Using the BSODA.
  5. No escaping detention - Escaping the Principal's Office while the Player is in detention.
  6. No fourth wall breaks - Breaking the fourth wall is likely about the game's whole program. However, the Player cannot perform this outside of an easter egg in the Field Trip demo.
  7. Although unlisted in the rules poster, "looking" into cyan-colored lockers by opening or closing is prohibited.
  8. Another rule that is unlisted on the poster - Being in school after hours. This only applies in the Stealthy Challenge.



The rules poster before V1.3.

  • The Player can "break the fourth wall" in the Baldi's Basics: Field Trip demo by clipping through the last "This demo ends here" wall, which will also trigger one of this Easter egg of Principal of the Thing. However, he will not send them to detention for it.
  • Within the game's files for the classic edition, there are audio clips of the Principal of the Thing saying "No stabbing people with pencils in the halls." and "No looking in other people's lockers in the halls." but both are not used.
    • The quote for the Principal catching the Player for interacting the lockers is later used in the Kickstarter exclusive demo, adding a new rule to the list. However, the School Rules poster is not updated.
    • The "No stabbing people with pencils in the halls" line is possibly a reference to John Wick, as he stabbed an enemy with a pencil to the head.[citation needed]
  • In the earlier versions of Baldi's Basics Classic, there was a rule against eating in the halls by using the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar, which was removed since update V1.3. This was most likely changed due to lack of sense.
  • There were usually four rule posters in Baldi's Basics Classic, but one from the long hallway at the school's right wing was removed in V1.4.




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