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School (unofficial title) is a music track for Baldi's Basics Plus.


A 1990s-styled nostalgia music plays at the start during the game. The track later loops, but will stop playing when the Player gets the answer wrong on either one of two beginning notebooks in the Classic/Birthday Bash editions, and when Baldi starts his chase in the full game.

Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping doesn't have this track like the Intro music.

Music Notes

B, B, C, C#, D, G, F, D, E, C, D _ G... A#... G, A, A#, D, G...


  • According to mystman12's livestream, he completed the "School" track in 10 minutes, with little to no regard for how good or terrible it sounded, although it turned out well.[1]


  1. "I think I made this music track in about ten minutes. And by the end, I was like putting whatever, no matter how terrible it sounded... It turned out greeeaaatt!" - Livestream archive 26:37~26:50


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