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The save system is a feature for Baldi's Basics Plus to save the player's progress by entering their names.


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The save system is a name entry screen (or sign-in screen*) with Baldi holding a clipboard. The clipboard shows the player's names and they can click on one of these names to play the game with saved data. If there is no name in it, then the text prompt "Type in your name!" appears.

If there are less than eight names on the screen, the player can add a new name. The name may have a maximum size of eight letters and only English/Latin alphabet letters are allowed. Also, if there is a duplicated name, it cannot be created. Clicking on a new name or pressing the Enter key starts the game with the new data file.


The save system can detect completion of the Hide-and-Seek mode. If the seed entry appears on the top of the mode selection screen, then it shows the player with this name completed the Hide-and-Seek mode at least once. Since V0.3, this system saves the progress in the Hide-and-Seek mode after pressing the "Save + Quit" button in the elevator.

The save system is also used in the rankings for Endless Mode and the Field Trips mode. It records their notebook counter in Endless Mode and the number of points in the Field Trips mode.

The BadSum error screen.

If clicking a name with a lost or corrupted save file, the BadSum error screen shows an image of a Baldi-like character with a blue shirt, while some eerie music is heard. The text reads:

Oh no! It looks like this save file is lost or corrupted! That's not good, is it?

Please create a new file and report this incident using the "report bugs" link in the about page found on the main menu.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Press any key to continue.

After clicking on the screen or pressing any key on the keyboard, the selected name will be erased and the player will have to either play on another save file or create a new save file.


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Prior to the V0.1.3 update, the version text on the bottom right was absent.
  • Prior to the V0.1.4 update, there was no text prompt when there was no name on the clipboard.
  • In V0.3.3, a new save system was implemented along with changes to saves and other internal stuff.[2]
    Deleting a file.

    Deleting a file in the current version.

  • Deleting a file in the previous versions.

    Prior to V0.3.5, there was the erase button to remove the name. Since this version, this feature has been moved to the data page of the option menu.
  • Prior to V0.3.5, two of Baldi's fingers holding the clipboard were cut off near the erase button, possibly because of the white screen's size.


  • In V0.3.3, completing the Hide-and-Seek mode did not unlock the custom seed input, unless completed in other versions.


Audio Description
The music that plays on the BadSum screen when the game failed to load a save file.



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