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The save system is a feature for Baldi's Basics Plus to save the Player's progress by entering their names.[1]


The save system can detect completing the Hide-and-Seek mode. If the seed entry appears on the top of the mode selection screen, then it shows the Player with this name completed the Hide-and-Seek mode at least once.

The save system is also used on ranking for Endless Mode and Field Trips modes. It records their notebook counter in Endless Mode, score points in the camping field trip and timer in the farm field trip.

Save file error

If pressing the name with lost or corrupted save file, the error screen will appear. The text says:

Oh no! It looks like this save file is lost or corrupted! That's not good, is it?

Please create a new file and report this incident using the "report bugs" in the about page found on the main menu.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Press any key to continue.




  1. "Save system that allows you to enter your name, a staple of edutainment games!" - Update #12: Status Update #2 - Building a Foundation


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