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UpcomingIcon.png Did you hear that? This article refers to an upcoming content that has yet to be implemented. The content may be changed over time based on the progress.

Red Lights is a feature yet to be implemented in a future Baldi's Basics Plus update.


Baldi's Basics Plus

The trailer consists of darkening lights, a feature yet to be implemented. Along with that, the school starts to turn red, while at the same time lights turn off outside of the red room. It is unclear what or who is causing the Super Schoolhouse to go red, but it may be an event or more likely to be an effect when hitting one of the elevators in Floor 2 and Floor 3. One last note is that in the trailer, all other light sources seem to be overwritten by the red light.

Baldi's Basics Classic/Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

After the Player collects all seven notebooks, they will be able to access the exits. If the Player comes in contact with one of the four exits, the exit will close, alerting Baldi and causing the entire Schoolhouse, excluding sprites, to be shoved into complete red. This does not change any gameplay, however. After touching the second exit, a loud grinding noise will start to fill the school, and hitting the third exit will play the track again, but much more louder and grindy.

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

The red lights as seen in the presentation video.

It has the same function in Classic/Birthday Bash, except that all sprites, including characters, will also get a red shade, as seen in the "Baldi's Basics 3 Year Anniversary Presentation!" video. The red lights will also consist of a lighting system.


  • Unlike most other features seen in the trailer (like Lights-Off and Party), mystman12 has made no mention of what the red school could possibly be.
  • mystman12 mentioned in his Steam article that secrets will be added in the final update. The red lights could possibly be the supposed secret he was talking about.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • The red color that the school turns when the first exit is reached was actually made darker in V1.3.