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Random Events are a feature of Baldi's Basics Plus. The school bell will ring on occasions, giving the Player a reminder for the incoming time-limited event.


Name Picture Description
This occurs in the Principal's Office, where a random item can be obtained.
Fog fills the hallways, causing the Player and all of the characters to have limited vision.
Broken Ruler
Broken Ruler
Baldi breaks his ruler, so the Player temporarily cannot hear him.
BB Flood
The school floods, making the Player and characters move slower and causing all regular doors to stay open. Whirlpools appear and teleport any character when being sucked in.
Gravity Chaos
Screenshot (1029)
The entire school flips upside down making the level harder to beat, and if you find a weird shaped boulder, the school flips right side up to its normal self
Mystery Room
A door will appear that leads to a mystery room containing a valuable item.
Test Procedure
Trapped by lockdown doors
After a countdown, all lockdown doors will close temporarily preventing anyone from using the hallway they block.
Lights out
All lights from halls and rooms go out.

This event has not been added to the full game yet.


  • The random event plan is first revealed on the game's Kickstarter page, and five of them (Fog, Broken Ruler, Party, Test Procedure, and Flood) became available in the early demo.
  • The maximum amount of events follows the number of the floor. For example, in Floor 3, up to 3 events can trigger.
  • Prior to V0.1.3 for the Baldi's Basics Plus, all events last around 30 or 60 seconds.
  • The random events are absent in the challenges.


  • In Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, prior to V1.1, hiding in the blue locker when the event occurs will cause the description text to stay permanent.


Sound Subtitles Description
SFX EventStartBell-sharedassets3.assets-384
*RIIIING!* The school bell ringing when the event is about to begin.


Random Events
Broken RulerFloodFogGravity ChaosLights-OffMystery RoomPartyTest Procedure
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