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Random Events are a feature in the full version of Baldi's Basics. The event will occur after the school bell rings, and each one lasts around 30 or 60 seconds.


Name Picture Description
Lights-Off TBA All lights from halls and rooms going out.
Broken Ruler
Broken Ruler
Baldi breaks his ruler, so the Player temporarily cannot hear him.
Official screenshot 4 - Party in the Principal's Office
Occurs in the Principal's Office, where a random item can be obtained.
Fog fills the hallways, causing the Player and all of the characters to have limited vision.
Official screenshot 1 - Flooded hallways
The school floods, making the Player and characters move slower, and causing all doors to stay open. Whirlpools also appear.
Test Procedure
Official screenshot 2 - Metal door
After a countdown, all metal doors and gates will close temporarily.
Mystery Room
A door will appear that leads to a hidden room containing a valuable item.


  • The random event plan is first revealed on the game's Kickstarter page, and five of them (Fog, Broken Ruler, Party, Test Procedure, and Flood) became available in the public demo.
    • Only 3 random events can trigger per gameplay.
  • With first five existing events added, one new event (Mystery Room) is introduced for the Kickstarter demo.


  • In Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, prior to V1.1, hiding in the blue locker when the event occurs will cause the description text to stay permanent.


Sound Description
SFX EventStartBell-sharedassets3.assets-384
The school bell ringing when the event is about to begin.


Comic sans events (1)
Broken RulerFloodFogLights-OffMystery RoomPartyTest Procedure
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