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Rag Tom Floppy Shirt is a Baldimore comic by mystman12 at an unknown date.


Baldi asks his son Andrew what he is watching and then Andrew replies. Baldi states that Rag Tom is weird who is a grown man and acts like a kid. Then, Baldi hears the door bell thinking that it might be his bubbles.


  • Baldi: Hey, son! Watchya' watchn'?
  • Andrew: Rag Tom Floppy Shirt.

[the television plays the show, as it sings "♪Who lives in a cocoanut under the ocean♪"]

  • Baldi: You know, Rag Tom is really wierd, he's a grown "man" and he acts like a kid.

[a doorbell, "Ding Dong!" rings]

  • Baldi: [hears a doorbell] Ooh! That might be my bubbles.


  • The comic was revealed after the Kickstarter tweet reached 750 retweets.[1]
  • The TV show Rag Tom Floppy Shirt is a horrible SpongeBob SquarePants parody.[2]
    • The line "Who lives in a cocoanut under the ocean" from TV is a parody of the beginning line from SpongeBob SquarePants' opening theme, "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea".
  • The comic has a lot of misspelled words: The word "whatcha" as "watchya", the word "watchin'" as "watchn", the word "coconut" as "cocoanut", and the word "weird" as "wierd".
  • There are many of eraser marks in the background.


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