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Don't worry, I'm coming!
— Principal of the Thing

The Principal Whistle is an inventory item in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The Principal Whistle is a 3D model of a red whistle with a cropped-out background.


When used, it makes a loud whistle sound twice. This will lure Principal of the Thing to where the player is when the whistle was blown.

This can be used to lure Principal of the Thing to It's a Bully to unblock a hallway. The item can also be used to get the player themselves in detention. This can be beneficial if Baldi is about to catch the player, especially in a dead end, if they want to access the tape player, or if they want to attend the party event.

If Principal of the Thing reaches the chunk where this item is used, his speed will go back to normal, however if something interrupts him on his path to the player, such as It's a Bully, then the Principal will revert to normal speed prematurely. It also happens when he sees the player breaking a rule before using this item. He also reverts to his normal speed when the Principal tries to send It's a Bully to detention.



The Principal Whistle in a faculty room.

The Principal Whistle is a rare item that can be only found in faculty rooms. This item is not available in Johnny's Store in the current version of the game.

Endless Mode - Medium

The Principal Whistle can be found in a faculty room with vending machines.



Baldi's Basics Plus
  • While Principal of the Thing is in his office during the party event, using this item will lure him to the player's location, but he will freeze in place until the party ends.
    • However, if the player breaks any rule in front of Principal of the Thing while he is frozen, he will unfreeze and chase the player.
  • Since V0.2.2, this item does not appear in Johnny's Store.
  • If the Principal Whistle is used in the mystery room or elevator room or when the player is looking at The Test, Principal of the Thing will not go to the player, but he will still say the "Don't worry, I'm coming!" quote.
Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo
  • On rare occasions, all characters stop moving for a while after using this item.


Audio Caption Description
*Whistling* (unused caption) The Principal Whistle's sound when used.