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Party at the Principal's office! Come and get your present!
— Party event description

The Principal's office is one of the Schoolhouse and Super Schoolhouse's rooms. It is an office room owned by Principal of the Thing.


This room consists of blue carpet flooring and white brick walls with green molding. The office contains several posters on walls which showcase the characters in the Schoolhouse and Super Schoolhouse. They briefly describe each character's main abilities and functions. The room is also filled with an assortment of desks with yellowish globes resting on some of them. On one of the desks, there is a tape player that can be used to play the annoying noise from Baldi's Least Favorite Tape.


Main gameplay

Hide-and-Seek/Explorer Mode

Principal of the Thing will instantly teleport the player here if caught after being scolded by breaking one of the school rules:

  • Running in any location except the playground and this room.
  • Using the BSODA in any location.
  • Being outside his office while in detention. (Escaping detention)
  • Entering, exiting, or staying inside faculty rooms.
  • Opening or closing the lockers.

During detention, the text "You get detention! (Remaining time) seconds remain." will appear on the screen and the player will be unable to leave the room until a given amount of time has elapsed. However, there are a few ways to escape detention:

  • If the door to the Principal's office is still open, then the player can escape until the door closes.
    • When the flood is active, all doors remain open. However, the door to the Principal's office will not open if the event starts during detention.
  • Getting sucked up in a whirlpool in the office to teleport to a random location. However, the whirlpool may teleport the player to the same location.
  • Using the Principal's Keys to unlock the door.
  • Placing a Portal Poster on one of the office's walls.
  • Teleporting by Arts and Crafters.
  • Using a Dangerous Teleporter. However, there may be a chance that the player will teleport to the same location.
  • Passing through a broken window.
  • Exiting the office after Mrs. Pomp opens the locked standard door.

It's a Bully in detention.

When Principal of the Thing sends the player to this room, Baldi will hear the Principal's voice lines and he will be attracted to the center of this location, unless the tape player or pay phone is making noise. It's a Bully is also sent here for violating the "No bullying" rule (blocking the path unless the player gives them an item), though he will disappear from the office almost instantly.

Detention can last from 15 to 99 seconds. The timer increases by five seconds for each offense until the timer reaches 60 seconds, from which any further detentions will last for 99 seconds.

This is also a place where the party event will be occasionally held in this place, giving the player an opportunity to either get to the office to get the special item or use the event as a chance to get a notebook easily and quickly while some of the characters are distracted.

Endless Mode - Medium

The Principal's office contains a button for the lockdown door and the Principal's Keys on one of the tables.


  • In the Speedy Challenge, the Principal's office is absent.
  • In the Stealthy Challenge, the Principal's office is where Baldi will spawn. All five character posters are only about Principal of the Thing. Furthermore, there is no door to the office. The player will only receive detention if one of the Principal clones sees and catches them.
  • In the Grapple Challenge, the Principal's office is present despite Principal of the Thing himself being absent in this challenge.

Other appearances

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the Principal's office has regular white brick walls. The text is bigger and it reads: "You have detention! (Remaining time) seconds remain!". The second word in the first sentence is "have" instead of "get", and the punctuation mark on the second sentence is an exclamation mark (!) instead of a period (.). The timer increases by 15 seconds every time the player gets detention. Principal of the Thing will spawn in this room after the player gets a problem wrong in the You Can Think Pad.
  • Filename2 in PrincipalOffice.jpeg
    In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, after entering the glitched school, when the player uses the Teleportation Teleporter or puts 53045009 in the You Can Think Pad, they can go to where the Principal's office is located. When the player enters the office, filename2 is seen behind the tape player. When the player comes close to filename2, he starts talking to them, and the game crashes after he speaks.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, the Principal's office has gray tile floors, red lockers, and two chairs.


Here is the list of character posters in the Principal's office in Baldi's Basics Plus. The original textures do not feature any text as the way to feature the text has changed in V0.3.5.[1]


  • It appears that the Principal put up all of the character posters, as the Principal's poster is the only poster written in first-person.
    • However, this may not be the case, as it uses quotation marks.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Not every character poster is featured here. It is intentional that there are only up to five posters for characters who spawn in the current floor.[2]
  • PrincipalOffice two windows.png
    There can be two windows connecting to different rooms in the Principal's office.
  • Ten windows in the Principal's office.

    It is possible to have ten windows in the Principal's office.
  • PrincipalOffice two doors.png
    Two doors close together is rare in the Principal's office among other rooms.
  • If the player escapes the Principal's office and enters the playground, Principal of the Thing will not scold the player for escaping detention. However, if the player re-enters the Principal's office, then gets out of this location, he will scold them for escaping detention.

Classic/Birthday Bash
  • The player can avoid detention by entering the Principal's office themselves then waiting to walk through the door. However, if the player gets out of this location, he will send them to detention immediately.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • The older look of the office.

    In V1.0, there were large globes instead of tables in the room. The large globes were used for hiding from Baldi.
  • A drawing of the original layout of the Schoolhouse.

    In a drawing of the original layout of the Schoolhouse, the Principal's office was originally planned to be located on the top right corner next to the playground as marked in purple.[3] In the game, it is located in the middle of the Schoolhouse.


  • In V0.1.5 of Baldi's Basics Plus, all posters were oddly missing in the office. This glitch was fixed in V0.2.[4]
  • Detention text in the advanced map.png
    Prior to V0.3.6, when the player used the advanced map while in detention, the player could still see the "You get detention!" text.


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