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Party at the Principal's office! Come and get your present!
— "Party" event description

The Principal's Office is one of Here School's rooms in Baldi's Basics Plus, where Principal of the Thing spawns.


This room consists of blue carpet flooring and gray-brick walls with green mold-like borders. The office contains several posters on walls which showcase the members of Here School. They briefly describe each character's main abilities and functions. The room is also filled with an assortment of desks, yellow globes resting on some of them. On one desk rests a Tape Player that can be used to play Baldi's Least Favorite Tape.


Main Gameplay

When caught breaking the school rules by Principal of the Thing, the Player will automatically be teleported to the center of this room and be given detention. During detention, the Player will be unable to leave the room until a given amount of time has elapsed. However, if the Player has the Principal's Keys, they can escape detention earlier. When Principal of the Thing sends the Player to this room, it counts as opening a door, so Baldi will instantly know where the Player is. It's a Bully is also sent here under school bullying violations (blocking the Player's path for items), though he is never actually seen in detention.

Detention can last from 15 to 99 seconds. The timer increases by 5 seconds (15 seconds in the classic edition) each time the Player is caught until the timer reaches 60 seconds, from which any further detentions will last for 99 seconds. Principal of the Thing will instantly teleport the Player here if caught:

  • Using the BSODA.
  • Running in the hallway or all locations but the Playground.
  • Being outside his office while in detention (using Principal's Keys).
  • Entering, exiting, or being inside Faculty Rooms.
  • Opening or closing the lockers.

This is also a place where the party event will be held in this place occasionally, giving the Player an opportunity to either dash to the office for the item or use the event as a chance to get a notebook easier and quicker while some of the characters are distracted.


In the Stealthy Challenge, Principal's Office is where Baldi will spawn. All description posters are only about Principal of the Thing, furthermore, the Player cannot open the door to the office. The Player will only receive detention if one of the Principal clones sees and catches them.

Other Appearances

Filename2 in Prinicpals Office


  • Baldi Detention Room v0.0.0

    The older look of the office.

    In the earliest version for the classic edition, there were large globes instead of tables in the room. The large globes were used for hiding from Baldi.
  • If the Player goes to the corner, Baldi will not be able to reach the Player, as his hitbox is too wide to fit into the small space where the Player is located. However, at this point, the Player will have no choice but to walk into Baldi, resulting in game over. Using BSODA when trapped like this is ineffective as the spray doesn't push Baldi outside of the room and it just passes through him for an unknown reason. But this has been fixed in the demos.
  • There are few actions resulting to be brought to detention that went completely unused in the end:
  • According to mystman12's live stream, the first detention time will be changed to 10 seconds or kept the current one and the detention time increment will be reduced to 5 seconds in the full game. The developer said that 30 seconds or longer detention makes Baldi most likely catch the Player unless they use the Baldi's Least Favorite Tape item to distract him for a while.[1]
    • The increment time is reduced to 5 seconds, but the initial detention time is unchanged in the public demo.
  • In the public demo, the sentences during detention are changed to "You get detention! (remaining time) seconds remain.". The word "have" is replaced with "get" and the second sentence ends with a period (.) instead of an exclamation mark (!).
  • It appears the Principal put up all of the posters, as the Principal's poster is the only poster written in first-person.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, Principal's Office is featured with gray tile floors. However in Kickstarter Exclusive Demo and Challenges Demo, the office has a blue carpet floor like from the classic game. The same applies to Faculty Rooms.



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