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You did great! Come here and get your prize!
— Baldi

Presents are items exclusively featured in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash and it will be added into Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered.


The present is a squarish 3D-model gift box with blue wrapping paper and green dots on it, as well as a green ribbon around it.


Left-clicking on a present reveals a random item in the inventory slot, along with the rarer Teleportation Teleporter. Note that if the inventory is full, obtaining the present will replace the selected item.


A present found in the faculty room that originally had a WD-NoSquee and the Principal's Keys.

Presents are located almost everywhere in the Schoolhouse, including classrooms, faculty rooms, hallways, Gotta Sweep's closet, and the cafeteria.

Presents are found in places that originally had items. The presents serve as replacements for the items.



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