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For the wall props, see Poster.

The Portal Poster is an inventory item in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The Portal Poster's sprite is a white paper sheet with a portal in blurred purple, pink, and orange colors. For some reason, it has a much lower quality than the other items' sprites, possibly due to its size.


The Portal Poster when used in-game.

Using this item on any wall will cause a large poster to appear on that wall, with a transparent portal in the middle. All characters can walk through the Portal Poster and NPCs can see the player through it. Projectiles like the BSODA spray and Beans' bubble gum can also pass through it, too. This can be used as a way to exit the Principal's office during detention or escaping Mrs. Pomp's classroom while she traps the player for being late at her class. The Portal Poster will stay on the wall for the rest of the level, and can be walked through an infinite amount of times.

However, the item cannot be used on walls with no chunk on the back. Doing so will make an error sound and if captions are on, then they will read "Not here.". The Portal Poster also cannot be placed on a wall with Chalkles, a plant, windows, or any structure (except for wall props) on the other side, and it cannot be used to enter the mystery room.


The Portal Poster in a faculty room.

Portal Poster in Johnny's Store.

Portal Poster in Johnny's Store.

The Portal Poster is a rare item that can be found in faculty rooms or when completing field trips. They can also be bought in Johnny's Store for 150 You Thought Points.


  • The item's usage was first briefly teased from the Baldi's Basics Plus early access trailer,[1] and its usage was later teased on Twitter.[2]
  • The sound made when placing the Portal Poster is taken from Warner Bros..
  • Stated by its description in Johnny's Store, this item was invented by Baldi himself.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, NPCs were not able to go through Portal Posters in normal circumstances.
    • However, there was a chance that they could go through the portal. It happened when there is furniture nearby, Gotta Sweep sweeps other characters or when a character gets pushed through by a BSODA spray. Arts and Crafters could charge at the player through the portal if he is fast enough.
  • Unlike other items, the Portal Poster uses the Larger suffix instead of Large for the large icon's file name.
  • Prior to V0.3.5, the Portal Poster could be used on windows.


  • Incorrect caption position for the Portal Poster.png
    The sound of this item is always playing from the position (0,0,0). Therefore, the caption will be featured in incorrect location.
  • The player could use a Portal Poster behind water fountains and vending machines. This was fixed in V0.1.3.
  • The player could also use a Portal Poster on Chalkles. However, the portal can be only entered from one side where there is no Chalkles. This glitch was once fixed in V0.1.3, but it still happens again in the current version when the Portal Poster is placed on the wall first, then Chalkles spawns in that wall when the player is in other locations after Baldi finishes the countdown.[version info needed]
  • The Portal Poster without the full texture.

    In V0.1.5, the full item texture of the Portal Poster did not appear on the wall due to the mask error. This was later fixed in V0.2.


Audio Caption Description
*Slap!* When Portal Poster is attached to the wall.
Not here. When trying to use Portal Poster on an invalid area.



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