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For the music track, see Playtime's Music.

Let's play!
— Playtime, when finding the player

Playtime is a character who appears in the Baldi's Basics series. She is a little girl that roams the halls of the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse, acting as a significant obstacle for the player.


Playtime's in-game sprite is a poorly drawn, animated image of a small girl with a skipping rope.

She has light skin, a smile (which turns into a frown when the player uses the Safety Scissors on her jump rope), and a long, cartoony nose. She is described to have poor eyesight, but not entirely blind. Her entirely black, scribble eyes possibly indicate retinal damage (or a stylistic purpose).

Even though Playtime is young, a line on the left side of her face under her eye makes her look older. However, it could possibly be a bag under her eye, or even, based on the position of the line, a scar.

Her pixel cut-length hair is mostly black, but there are some tan strands. Upon closer inspection, the tan strands appear to be scribbled in a circular spread-out style, while the black strands appear to be cross-hatched zigzag lines, implying that the tan strands are curly and/or more tangled than the possibly-straight black strands. It could also be implied her hair was formerly plain black, but she got it bleached.

Her pose makes her appear as if she is balancing on her left foot, and her arms are outstretched as if she is trying to hold her balance.

Her hands are misshapen as well; her left hand in a side-viewed open palm as if it was pressed against a wall, and her right hand somewhat resembling a 4-digit hand with her thumb (or index, if she has 5 digits counting a hidden thumb) and pinky fingers sticking up.

She wears a red, long-sleeved dress with a pair of cyan pants, appearing to be culotte pants, and simplistic light brown shoes, which could possibly be boots or high-tops since they go up to her pants sleeves. The dress's length is unknown, but it can be implied that, based on her somewhat-stout body proportions, her dress is more like a tunic.

Her jump rope and some parts of the black of her hair constantly move, the former in a manner that makes her appear to be jumping rope, hence her name, and the latter as if it is wind-blown.

She does not appear to jump over the rope when it comes down though, because excluding that and her hair, none of her body moves. When her jump rope is cut, however, her entire sprite becomes a static image.

The jump rope itself has two scribbly handles, and the rope part is a single, curved line connecting the handles. Each handle is drawn on each of Playtime's hands, so they appear to be attached there and not actually held.

The entire jump rope is black, and when it is cut, each half resembles a short whip being held upside down.

Her voice is distorted by poor audio quality, and her speech is consistently monotone and somewhat masculine/gender-neutral for a little girl because Micah McGonigal provided her voice. Her voice is also constantly peaking in audacity, making her one of the loudest characters speaking "naturally". It is rather low-pitched, despite her age.


Playtime's personality ranges from being inconsistent to inscrutable, as her voice and mannerisms are illogical and uncanny.

Whenever she is happy such as laughing, cheerfully seeking a playmate or congratulating the player for winning her game, she always maintains a flat and deadpan tone in her voice. Her few genuine responses are when she is upset, specifically her outcry when she has her rope cut by the player.

Despite this, she is apparently very social and seeks the company of fellow students to play with during her game. She seems entirely optimistic about being friends with others, but is unprepared for hostility, which will leave her upset and confused for a short time once it happens.

However, after said short time is up, she will continue to be social and cheery again, as well as trusting the player again, this being evident of her short-term memory.

But it could be possible Playtime also has dissociative identity disorder (DID, formerly multiple-personality disorder), evidenced by several aspects of her personality and behavior.

When she sees the player, she pursues them as if she can see them clearly, but when the player turns a corner, she wanders off as if her vision got blurry again. This could imply Playtime's eyesight only goes bad for a split second before returning to normal again, and temporary poor eyesight has actually happened in real life to people with DID, further implying Playtime has this disorder.

And her monotone voice becomes genuinely upset when she says her "Oh! That makes me sad!" line, also implying Playtime is possibly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD, which is also one of the possible causes of DID).

However, if one were to interpret a possibly-sarcastic tone as well (especially during the "Oh!" part), she may have had had her jump rope cut so many times in the past that she is used to it today, deducing the PTSD.

She also possibly only says that line to either mock the player or hide her PTSD, the latter most likely being more viable, due to her blank laughter and optimism accompanied by a generic smile, and her "sad" one-liner being accompanied by a neutral-looking frown.

Artificial Intelligence

Main Gameplay

Playtime in the halls.

Playtime will roam the hallways in unspecified directions, playing her signature jingle. If she spots the player while not on cooldown, she will immediately chase the player at a speed that is slightly faster than the player's running speed until she either loses track of or catches them. Playtime stops chasing the player and wanders randomly if the player is walking around a corner, as she forgets the player's location as soon as they are out of her sight.

She will force the player to stop moving and jump over a skipping rope five times without fault; otherwise, the player will have to restart from the first jump. The player must press the jump key (Space bar by default) or touch the CursorSprite Classic.pngbutton to jump and time the rope's position correctly in order to successfully jump. During the mini game, the player's stamina will refill due to them not being able to move. After successfully jumping rope, Playtime will leave and the player will earn You Thought Points and be free to walk again. 15 seconds will pass before she can catch the player again.

The amount of You Thought Points after completing her minigame is 0 to 25. When the player jumps the rope five times without messing up, then they will get 25 YTPs, but every time they miss the rope, the reward will be reduced by 5 YTPs. As a result, the player cannot get YTPs if they miss the rope five or more times in a round before completing the minigame.

If the player uses Safety Scissors on her jump rope, it will be cut and she will say "Oh! That makes me sad!", and she will frown before leaving.

While the player is halted by Playtime, other characters can all still affect the player upon contact. If the player is moved or teleported by characters, Playtime's minigame will be interrupted immediately.

The minigame can be also interrupted in other ways:

These interruptions will also make Playtime sad and her jumping rope cut, but since Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.2.

Even while the player is jumping rope, a BSODA can be used if the player has it. Using a BSODA on Playtime while the player is jumping rope will push her, but will not interrupt the minigame.

Other Appearances

  • Playtime playing with the player in Baldi's Basics Classic on mobile.

    In Baldi's Basics Classic, Playtime has the same AI and also has the text "Time to jump rope!". On the mobile version, there is a text "Use " CursorSprite Classic.png" to jump!" under it. She spawns in the middle of the left hall from the school's west wing. Sometimes she may keep going in the same direction even if the player exits her sight.[1]

Playtime appearing with the original cast for a birthday surprise.

  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, Playtime has the same appearance in Classic. Additionally, she wears a party hat (which falls off when her rope is cut) for the celebration of the game's first anniversary. At the end, as soon as the player reached the last exit from the cafeteria at the end, Playtime will arrive with the original cast to yell a surprise for the player. In one of the rooms in the glitched school, a total of 8 Playtimes can be found along with a giant PlaceFace and SpoopBalloons. One of them is frowning and out of the line while others are different Playtimes, which represent each image as a frame of an animated Playtime sprite. All of the sprites are in the same height as the player's. Fortunately, these Playtimes are just for show.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, Playtime has a new spawn location. This is the first time, during her jump rope minigame, there is no text. The jump physics were also slightly improved.
  • In Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, due to the demo's development oversight, Playtime's mechanic is very buggy and rarely seen.


  • Playtime's scribbly-looking appearance, especially the eyes and hair, seems to be based on the YouTuber PilotRedSun's art-style, yet a bit more comparable to his "nesquik rabbit" video.
  • This is the only NPC to have her own theme. However, in Baldi's Basics Classic, Playtime lacked her music before V1.3.
  • According to mystman12's stream, to make Playtime's voice, mystman12 talks "like a clown" and edits it a lot.[2]
  • Playtime's voice line "Let's play!" was originally a test for Arts and Crafters' voice, but then mystman12 realized that the line would fit Playtime more, so he ultimately decided to use the line for Playtime instead.[3]
  • Playtime's clothes, skin and hair have the same colors as some of the default colors in Microsoft's Paint application.
  • Strangely, Playtime's rope is over her hands, as if it was glued onto her hands rather than her holding it.
  • She is one of the smallest characters in the game, but despite this, she has the largest sprite in the game files.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Playtime's animation has more frames than in Classic/Birthday Bash.
  • Playtime will still say "I wanna play with someone!" and laughs even if her jump rope is cut.
  • Playtime's subtitles can sometimes move when in field trips, however the full circumstances for this to happen are unknown.
  • There is a very rare chance that if both Playtime and Principal of the Thing contact with the player in the exact same time, they will get detention and play Playtime's minigame at the same time. This glitch can be executed if the Gravity Chaos event is active and both Playtime and Principal of the Thing are following the player in the opposite gravity and then waiting until the event ends.
  • When the player hides in a locker while being chased by Playtime, her position would reset every time they exited the locker.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In the first version, Playtime attracts Baldi when she plays jump rope minigame with the player.
  • In the game files, there are unused voice lines where Playtime counts up to 10.
    • This indicates that Playtime was originally going to make the player jump rope 10 times, but it was reduced to 5 when the final game was released. According to mystman12 during his livestream, this was because 10 jumps would take too much time to complete. Playtime was also supposed to be faster, too.[4]
    • Playtime also has a voice line where she tells the player how to play her minigame, only used in the very first version. This was likely cut as it took too long.
  • The "5! " sound file is never played, even though the player has to jump rope 5 times. An exception is in the earliest version where she does say 5 after the 5th jump, overlapping with the "Wow! That's great!" sound file.
    • The "5!" sound is later reused in the full game early demo.
  • In previous versions, Playtime could enter rooms randomly. Currently, she will only enter a room if she is following the player.
    • When she was able to enter rooms randomly, she would enter faculty rooms and not get sent to detention for doing so; This is most likely because of her poor eyesight, and could not read the sign on the door.
  • Playtime's speed when chasing the player is higher than the player's running speed itself, yet she cannot be sent to detention by Principal of the Thing for running in the halls if he is nearby. This is likely because, hence her animation, she is not technically running, but jumping.
    • As of V1.4.1, Playtime is no longer faster than the player's running speed, but actually slightly slower. She is still, however, considerably faster than the player's walk speed.
  • Playtime supposedly rarely uses the long hallway of the east side with the two classrooms and the Faculty Room with the Swinging Door Lock.
  • Prior to V1.4 update, there was a "Press the space bar to jump!" sentence during the skipping rope game. It was removed mainly because the player can customize the controls on PC.
  • In V1.0 of the early demo and previous games, there was a lack of the "and short memory" phrase in the description of the poster in Principal's office.
  • Where Playtime spawns can be a reference to where the playground was going to be located and that she was going to spawn there.


Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Prior to the V1.4 update, if the player was standing in a standard doorway and was caught by Playtime, the player would escape the minigame as soon as the door closed, and Playtime would wander off as if the player had jumped all five times. This was due to the collision in Baldi's Basics.
  • In earlier versions of the game, there was a glitch where Playtime would not leave the player after the rope mini game ended, getting stuck in an infinite loop. This glitch also occurs in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash for unknown reasons.
  • If the player cuts Playtime's skipping rope on the same frame Playtime catches them, her mini game will not end; instead, the Safety Scissors will vanish but the player will still have to jump all five times. This only happens in the mobile version.
  • Sometimes, depending on distance and placement of obstacles, when encountering Playtime inside the cafeteria, her detecting AI program will glitch her movement and her "Let's play!" line numerously repeats.
Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo
  • Playtime appears as a static image rather than being animated.
  • During the jump rope game, there is another jump rope that appears to be tiny and has a billboard.
  • The player can play the jump rope game while hiding in a locker. When the player gets out of the locker during the jump rope game, the player can still jump but the camera's height will not change. This was fixed in the V0.1.5 update of Baldi's Basics Plus as entering a blue locker while playing the jump rope game will immediately cancel the minigame.
  • Most of the time, Playtime is not shown.
  • When using the Safety Scissors on Playtime, she does not say "Oh! That makes me sad!" and does not show her sad sprite. This was fixed in the V0.1.2 update of Baldi's Basics Plus.



Quote Subtitle Description
I wanna play with someone! While idle.
Let's play! When she spots the player.
Ready? Go! When the skipping rope minigame starts.
1! Counting to 5 during the minigame right before congratulating the player. Note that 5 was used in the first release of Baldi's Basics Classic, but it is reused since Full Game Early Demo.
Oops! You messed up! When the player fails to jump over the jump rope during the minigame.
Wow! That's great! Let's play again... Sometime soon! When completing her minigame.
Oh! That makes me sad! When the player uses the Safety Scissors to skip the minigame or when she is interrupted in Baldi's Basics Plus.
Classic/Birthday Bash
Quote Transcript Description
Oops! You messed up! Let's try again - from the top! Ready? Go! When the player fails to jump over the jump rope during the minigame.
Surprise! When the player reaches the exit door in the cafeteria after collecting 7 notebooks in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.


Sound Subtitle Description
*Music* Playtime's jingle.
N/A Playtime's jingle in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.


Quote Subtitle/Transcript Description
Jump rope ten times in a row. Once you do, I'll let you go! E-he-he-he! (transcript only) Giving instructions before starting the mini game. Originally used for the first release of Baldi's Basics Classic.
6! Counting to 10 after 5 during the mini game.

Transcript Timestamp
I talk like this! Like a clown! (unedited) 18:20
Let's play! (unedited) 18:39
...Talking like this! Kind of like a clown! (unedited) 1:55:41
Baldi gets bullied
Transcript Timestamp
Baldi, Baldi... 0:27


Birthday Bash
Full Game Early Demo

Baldi's Basics Classic
Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo



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