The Playground is one of the locations in Baldi's Basics Plus and serves as Playtime's spawn location. 


The playground area consists of a field with green grass, a bunch of 3D-modeled trees, wooden fences, a basketball hoop, and a spinning merry-go-round.

The elevator has a chance to spawn in this location, but it doesn't function until the Player collects all of the notebooks on the floor.


Main Gameplay

While the Player is in this area, they can run around without losing any stamina. Even if the Player is running, they won't get detention by Principal of the Thing for violating any rule. Furthermore, while the Player is walking, they will regain stamina. The Player's stamina will also regenerate twice as fast when standing still outside.

One of the trees will have an An Apple for Baldi in it which can only be obtained by using the Grappling Hook on the trunk so the apple falls to be picked up.

Other Appearances


  • Originally, the playground area was planned to debut in the classic game, but it ended up being scrapped, with no remains of it in the files. It was intended to be accessed through the Cafeteria, but the swinging door that connected both rooms was replaced by an exit.
  • In the teaser image for the public demo, there are white brick walls with the button. The area also includes a slightly different wood texture, as it doesn't have the brick wall behind it.
  • In the Kickstarter exclusive demo, certain seeds give off a number of merry-go-rounds ranging from 1-5.
  • The wooden fence shares the same texture for the Outdoor Areas' fences and the "NO" signs from the camping field trip.


  • Invisible tree
    In the current version of Baldi's Basics Plus, the Playground's trees in the Grapple Challenge and Endless Mode's Medium option are invisible but still have collision.




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