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PlaceFace is an unusual character who appears in the Baldi's Basics series as a recurring hidden Easter egg.


PlaceFace is a giant, floating disembodied human head model with brown hair, brown eyebrows, orange (light-brown, due to dithering) eyes, a large nose, and a red-lipped mouth.


Baldi's Basics Classic

Two PlaceFaces in TestRoom.

PlaceFace was added in Baldi's Basics Classic before all the characters were finished but was not seen from gameplay even since the first released version, V1.0.

As of V1.3.2, it was confirmed PlaceFace exists outside (at the time) non-implemented TestRoom as a deactivated invisible character in the Schoolhouse's left-wing. This is proven by decompiling the game in a Unity program or messing with the level2 file in the game's files.

Once V1.4.1 released, two PlaceFaces appear in TestRoom where the player teleports after inputting 31718 into the You Can Think Pad. One PlaceFace will remain still while the other slowly follows the player harmlessly if he sees them. The code for these PlaceFaces was fixed, but the pre-V1.3.2 PlaceFace still remains invisible, but still working.

Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping

PlaceFace as seen in the demo.

If the player clips out of the map in the player spawn location of the demo and goes behind the Super Schoolhouse, PlaceFace can be seen behind the swinging door between two "NO" signs as an Easter egg.

Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

PlaceFace in one of the rooms in the glitched school.

PlaceFace has a same appearance in Baldi's Basics Classic. Another one is in the glitched school in this edition, a massively resized PlaceFace appears in one of the rooms with multiple Playtime frames. He does not move however.


  • It's a Bully's head is a heavily distorted version of PlaceFace.
  • PlaceFace was previously only used during NPC AI development of the game as a placeholder, hence the name. This is seen in a few screenshots[1][2] on mystman12's Twitter.
    • In Baldi's Basics Classic, PlaceFace actually appears to exist in the main gameplay outside of TestRoom, and has been observed as early as V1.3.2; although he is only found invisible from the corner of the Schoolhouse's left-wing. It is possible to make him appear visible by using the decompiled Unity project or enabling the TestEnemy game object in level2 via UABE and a test editor, however, his AI code is broken in the decompiled Unity project, resulting in him being frozen in place.
    • It is possible to add a NavMeshAgent script to make PlaceFace move, but only in V1.3.2.
  • The texture of PlaceFace behind swinging doors (seen in the field trip demo) was first teased by mystman12 on his twitter, March 17, 2018.[3] This is 4 months and 6 days before the release of the field trip demo.
  • Strangely, in Baldi's Basics Classic, a development oversight reveals where PlaceFace looks blurry in quality if the player gets close to him. His blurry appearance is due to his texture filter being bilinear. This was later fixed in a next update version patch.
  • The overall model of PlaceFace's head may be a strong resemblance to the customizable Mii character. Interestingly, Mii for Nintendo consoles is mystman12's interest/hobby.
  • PlaceFace definitely first appeared in mystman12's unlisted "I'm a CGI Pro Now!" video (also revealing one scene that later inspire It's a Bully's head) since April 29, 2014, considering himself as a very first Baldi's Basics character ever created back before the game's existence. It was not revealed until mystman12 tweeted a reply on June 9, 2020.[4]



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