PlaceFace is an unusual character who appears in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning as a hidden Easter Egg.


PlaceFace is a giant, floating disembodied human head model with brown hair, brown eyebrows, light-brown eyes, a large nose, and a red-lipped mouth.




Two PlaceFaces in TestRoom.

As of V1.4.1., two PlaceFaces appear in a strange hidden room where the Player teleports after inputting the number "31718" into the You Can Think Pad. One PlaceFace will remain still while the other slowly follows the Player harmlessly.

Field Trip

Placeface easter egg

PlaceFace as seen in the field trip demo.

If the Player clips out of the map in the intro of the field trip demo and goes behind the school, PlaceFace can be seen behind two yellow doors between two "NO" sign poles.

Birthday Bash

Screenshot (43)

PlaceFace in one of the corrupted rooms.

During the glitch ending of the Birthday Bash game, a massively resized PlaceFace appears in one of the glitched rooms.


  • It's a Bully's head is a heavily distorted version of PlaceFace.
  • PlaceFace used to be completely scrapped, previously only used during NPC A.I. development of the game as a placeholder, hence the name. This is seen in a few screenshots[1][2] on mystman12's Twitter.
  • The texture with PlaceFace behind double doors (seen in the field trip demo) was first teased by mystman12 on his twitter, March 18, 2018.[3] This is 4 months and 6 days before the release of the field trip demo.
  • Strangely, a development oversight reveals where PlaceFace looks blurry in quality if the Player gets close to him.
  • The overall model of PlaceFace's head may be a strong resemblance to the customizable Mii character. Interestingly, Mii for Nintendo consoles is mystman12's interest/hobby.



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