The Party is a random event in Baldi's Basics Plus.


There is a random chance of the party event happening. When it happens, the quote will say to come and get the present at the Principal's Office. This event will distract some other characters and sometimes even Baldi, giving the Player a temporary full-time chance to collect the notebook without getting interfered. During the party, a random item (including rarer ones like An Apple for Baldi and the Grappling Hook) will appear in the office. After the party ends, the item will disappear.

If Playtime is in the office as the Player comes in, Playtime will have a chance to force them to do the jump rope minigame, wasting the Player's time to reach the item. Baldi, if distracted, will remain inside the office until the event expires, but he can resume his chase if the Player enters the room.

Additionally, Chalkles, It's a Bully and The Test will never attend the party event.


  • This event is first revealed in the Kickstarter description,[1] and became first available in the early demo.
  • The balloons that spawns for the event are recycled from Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. They appear to be clipping through the walls, likely due to an oversight in development.
  • Prior to V0.1.3 in Baldi's Basics Plus, and full game demos, the event lasted from 30 to 60 seconds.


Sound Description
Mus party-sharedassets1.assets-4
The "Hayride Too I Don't Even Care" music that plays while the party event is happening.


  1. "There’s even a party event where an awesome item will spawn in a room. The catch is that all the characters think they’re invited, too, so watch out! Will you risk getting the item or use the party as a chance to sneak a notebook while everyone's distracted? Random events will keep you on your toes, and change how you play while they're active!" - Kickstarter page description


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