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Padre Snowmizzle, also known as Andrew Snowman from the credits, is a game designer and developer who collaborated with Basically, Games! for Baldi's Basics Plus.

He is a designer and voice actor of the character Beans.[1] He backed the Kickstarter $30 or more. He playtested and offered his feedback for Baldi's Basics Plus' V0.3 update. He also made an artwork for the "Restart, Refresh" apparels.

He helped mystman12 with character idea.[2]

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  1. "In case it ain't obvious enough yet: yep, I made a character for Baldi's Basics. He's the gum-chewing, held-back, skipping spunk we all know and love: Beans. My thanks go out to @mystman12!" - Padre Snowmizzle. March 15, 2020. Twitter
  2. "Oh tons, I was really pushing to help Micah with characters, maybe get some other old fan-game characters in there. Of course, he's focused on some core gameplay elements first and foremost" - Padre Snowmizzle. May 21, 2022. Discord