The Outside Yards are the only inaccessible areas located just outside of Here School in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, but it's accessible in the Baldi's Basics - Field Trip Demo.

In the first game, they serve no real purpose other than being a decoration to represent the outside world. In the demo, it's where the Player begins the game and where also Baldi and his bus are located.


The Outside Yards feature a cyan-colored sky with clouds made up of off-white spheres. The yard itself is dark green grass with a fern-like texture, surrounded by light brown picket fences on the borders. In the original game, the room seems to have nothing important as it is inaccessible to the Player. In the Field Trip Demo, the area is accessible and it's where the Player begins the game.



The outside yards in the original game before V.1.3.

  • Before the update on version 1.3 of the original game, the outside area was an empty void with no ground layouts.
  • It seems like a house's backyard instead of a school's backyard.
  • The Outside Yards are not connected to anything; the school is still in the middle of nowhere.
    • However, in the Field Trip Demo, the yard is connected to the yellow door.
  • In the original game, it is possible to go out of bounds using cheats; however, the Player won't find anything interesting, since it's only decoration.
  • They bear some resemblance to the yards of Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • During the original game's Final Mode, the whole yard will turn red once the player has touched one of the first exits.




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