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The outdoor area is the background location found outside the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse.


The outdoor area features a cyan-colored sky with clouds made up of brownish-white spheres. These areas consist of dark green grass with a fern-like texture, surrounded by wooden fences on the borders.


Main Gameplay

An outdoor area containing structures.

So far, the outdoor area is visited for the access to field trips. This location is only available in floor 2. This location may contain other structures, apart from Baldi's bus such as posters, lockers and buttons.

Other Appearances

Outdoor area in Classic/Birthday Bash.

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic, the fences are beige picket and none of them are connected to a wall. However, the areas are inaccessible (unless using hacks) and serve no real purpose other than being a decoration to represent the outside world.
  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the areas have the same appearances as in Classic, and there is also another one along with an exit and a blocking wall which is slightly small and titled found in the only faculty room in the glitched school.

Baldi and his bus, at the outdoor area in the Field Trip demo.

  • In Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping, this area also has the same appearance from Classic and is where the player begins the demo. However, there is no row of fences on the front side, so if the player passes that side without touching the bus, they can explore around the map.


  • The outdoor area bears some resemblance to the ones in Sonic's Schoolhouse.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Rarely, this location will not spawn, so it is unable to go on a field trip in some seeds.
  • Baldi's feet are cliping through the ground if he is wearing a camping outfit.
  • Prior to V0.1.4, it was possible to view some structures like the elevators' gates or lockdown doors from the Super Schoolhouse's roof from this area, and the bottom parts were cropped by the fences. However, the lockdown doors can still be seen, but only the very tiny part on the bottom.
Classic/Birthday Bash
  • As revealed by hacking, if each exit is closed when the player either gets the first math wrong or touches the first exit after collecting all notebooks in Story Mode, the exit along with its outdoor area get moved to a lower position.
  • The outdoor area near the "THIS PROGRAM IS CANCER" chalkboard has fences from the right side fallen down.
  • It is possible to go out of bounds using hacks. However, the player will not find anything interesting, since it is only for decoration.
Baldi's Basics Classic

The outdoor area in Baldi's Basics Classic before V1.3.

  • Before the V1.3 update, the outdoor area was an empty void with no ground layouts. The skybox is a procedural shader that's applied as the default sky on every new Unity scene.


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Items achieved after completing a field trip cannot be grabbed in specific angles.


Classic/Birthday Bash/Field Trip demo
Baldi's Basics Classic