The options from the classic edition.

Options is a mechanic menu for Baldi's Basics Plus, accessible after clicking on the "MENU" tab from the game's main menu screen.


  • TURN SENSITIVITY - Modifying the mouse sensitivity.
  • CONTROLS - A link to the full list of controls to customize.
  • RUMBLE - Enable/disable rumble effect.
  • ANALOG MOVEMENT - Enable/disable analog movement.

Introduced for the public demo, more options include:

  • Effects - Customize the volume for some objects' noises.
  • Volume: Voices - Customize the volume for the characters' voices.
  • Music - Customize the musics' volume.

Few more options introduced in the challenges demo:

  • Resolution - Customize the resolution for the screen.
  • Fullscreen - Enable/disable the full screen.



  • Until the patch release of update V1.4 for Baldi's Basics Classic, the full relevant options menu was not implemented in earlier updates, leaving the mouse sensitivity only available in the main menu while the control list was found in the "HOW TO PLAY" menu screen.
  • The original "TURN SENSITIVITY" slider used to have a white circle and a white bar replacing the stamina like slider and the blue sphere.
    • The blue sphere is also used on moving pad for the mobile version of the game.
  • The green check marks on "RUMBLE" and "ANALOG MOVEMENT" are also used on the You Can Think Pad.
  • The "RUMBLE" option does not exist in the Google Play or iOS version.
  • Prior to the challenges demo, the resolution and the full screen could be selected via configuration.


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