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Number balloons are floating objects found in classrooms with Baldi's Math Machine in Baldi's Basics Plus and Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered.


Number balloons found in-game.

They resemble normal balloons, but are shaped like numbers. The balloons appear in several different colors:

  • 0 is red.
  • 1 is cyan.
  • 2 is red.
  • 3 is green.
  • 4 is yellow.
  • 5 is magenta.
  • 6 is green.
  • 7 is magenta.
  • 8 is cyan.
  • 9 is blue.


Grabbing a number balloon.

The player can grab a number balloon by doing the "Interact" action (Left click or E by default) on any balloon. It is used to solve a math question in Baldi's Math Machine. When the math problem is solved, all remaining balloons will pop, disappearing out of sight.

If the player leaves the classroom while grabbing a number balloon, the number balloon will float back into the classroom.


  • The number balloons resemble the numbers seen in Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • The string of the number balloons appear to be the exact same shape, just slightly moved around for each sprite.
    • The number 7 balloon's string appears to be slightly disconnected from the number balloon.
  • It was shown that when starting a new level, the number balloons spawn as the number 0123456789.
  • The popping sound was taken from Warner Bros..
  • After the player inserts any balloon into Baldi's Math Machine while Mrs. Pomp reminds the player, these balloons are still floating, but they will be popped later.
  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2, if the wrong number balloon was used, the rest of the balloons would not pop.


  • Holding a balloon in an empty chunk.

    While holding a number balloon and approaching near an empty chunk, the balloon will get darker.

The number 1 balloon stuck in the floor after the flood.

  • In V0.1.4, if the player gets sucked up by a whirlpool during the flood event while holding a number balloon, then the number balloon would be stuck to the floor.
    • If the trapped balloon was the balloon required to solve the Baldi's Math Machine problem, then the game soft-locked and the player must get caught by Baldi or restart the game. In this version, even if they used every wrong balloon in the classroom, the correct number balloon was still left.


Sound Caption Description
*POP!* A number balloon popping.


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