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Nothing to Eat is a Baldimore comic created by mystman12 in the unknown date. It is the first part for one entire paper with the Dr. Reflex and Ice Block comic strip.


Baldi claims that there is nothing to eat, then breaks the fourth wall by looking up at his speech bubble before taking and eating the letter "A" from "eat" and the letter "S" from "is".


  • Baldi: There is nothing to eat!
  • Baldi: [looks up to see his speech bubble] Ooh.
  • Baldi: [takes two of the letters off the speech text and eats them]


  • The comic was first revealed on August 9, 2018, when the Kickstarter of Baldi's Basics Plus received 250 retweets.[1][2]
  • mystman12 confirmed that the comic is probably a rip-off of one of the Garfield comic strips, but he is not sure.[3]


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