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To win the game, you must find 7 notebooks, and then exit the school! You have to have fun too, of course!
— "HOW TO PLAY" screen, Baldi's Basics Classic

Notebooks are the main objective in the Baldi's Basics series and supposedly belong to the player's friend in Baldi's Basics Classic.


The notebooks are spiral notebooks found in classrooms hovering on big desks. The colors that they appear in according to the files, the notebooks can be (in order) black, blue, cyan, green, red, salmon, and yellow.


Baldi's Basics Plus

The notebook seen in-game.

Once the player clicks on the notebook, it will be immediately added in the notebook counter, the player's stamina is refilled and Baldi's speed will get a bit accelerated. The amount of notebooks is changed over the floor:

Starting with Floor 2, some classrooms have a Baldi's Math Machine. To get a notebook, the player must answer the problem correctly by using number balloons floating around the room.

After collecting all notebooks, elevators will be opened. The player must reach all the elevators to complete the floor.

Once collecting a notebook, it gives the player 10 You Thought Points. A notebook from a Baldi's Math Machine does not give points, however.

Similar to Hide-and-Seek and Explorer Modes, but there is no limit to the notebooks the player collect. After a certain amount of time, the notebooks will respawn in random rooms, and a chime plays to notify the player of their presence. If the classroom has a Baldi's Math Machine, the player has to solve the math problem again in order to get a notebook. The player's score will be on the screen when caught by Baldi and on the leaderboard.

The amount of notebooks in some challenges are different:

Baldi's Basics Classic

The notebook seen in Baldi's Basics Classic.

The notebooks consists with different colors and a slight bigger size. Touching the first notebook will open the You Can Think Pad, which prompts the first 3 normal math problems that are possible to solve. However, touching other notebooks will bring up the same pad, except an unsolvable, corrupted math problem as the third and last question.

When the player collects all seven notebooks (so long as they get 6 questions wrong), Baldi will become rather fast (a bit faster than the player's sprinting speed) and rush at the player. At this time Arts and Crafters will also become a new threat to the player. If looked at for more than a second, he will zoom at the player and bring them straight to Baldi which puts the player at a risk of a game over.

The new objective is to then find an exit and finish the game when all 7 notebooks are obtained.

The gameplay is almost the same as in Baldi's Basics Plus. If the player finds a notebook in this mode, the unsolvable math problems (aside from the 2nd notebook) will be solvable, but Baldi will still accelerate in speed while the player is trying to find them. When the player gets caught by Baldi, the number of notebooks they collected is their high score for Endless Mode if the player collected more than they did last time. (The high score is at the bottom.)

Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

There are the same seven notebooks as in Classic. There are also two additional salmon notebooks located in the Glitched School.

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

There are the same notebooks in Classic/Birthday Bash. As seen in the Baldi's Basics 3 Year Anniversary Presentation! video, there is cyan notebook, but it is placed on where the salmon notebook usually was.

Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo

In this demo, there are 8 notebooks to collect.


  • The notebook's respawn audio in the Endless Mode is a slowed-down version of a crashing cymbal. In Music Maker, the sound effect is 119 Reversed Cymbal and edited with 3F.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • The notebooks are a lot smaller than in the Classic and Birthday Bash editions.
  • Prior to V0.1.3, when the notebook respawned, the subtitle showed Localized text not found and in V0.1.3, it showed Sfx_NoteRespawn. It is because there was no value for the notebook respawning sound's key before the V0.1.4 update.
  • Prior to V0.2, a regular notebook did not give You Thought Points.
  • Prior to V0.3, floor 1 sometimes had 5 notebooks, floor 2 sometimes had 6 notebooks and floor 3 had 8 notebooks.
    • Floor 1 containing 1 to 3 notebooks and floor 2 containing 6 notebooks is not intended, but it depends on the amount of classrooms the floor generates.[1]
  • Prior to V0.3.3, all notebooks were green.
    • In the game files, there are 7 notebooks, but the black one has yet to be used in the game.
Classic/Birthday Bash
  • A notebook stored under the map with It's a Bully while hacking

    Every time a notebook is collected, it is moved below the map. This can be seen when hacking the game or glitched outside of the school.
    • Notebooks can still be interacted with when below the map. That means that more than 7 notebooks can be collected in Story Mode if using a hack.
  • It is possible to hack the game to make the 3rd problem for the 2nd to 7th notebooks solvable. However, not everything is fully loaded until the player gets a question wrong.
  • The salmon notebook on the Story Mode icon looks gray due to dithering effect.
  • The respawning audio is also played in the Kickstarter video when mystman12's face is closing up and he makes the frowning face. It is twice longer than the game's audio.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • There were two duplicated red notebooks in the original version's pre-update versions before the red notebook in the classroom with the chalkboard saying "The world is big. Class dismissed." was replaced with a yellow one in update V1.4.
  • Each notebook was originally planned to include different subjects than just math, but due to time constraints, while the history and spelling subject is considered too difficult for those who don't understand American histories and English, the idea was cut. Although according to mystman12 during his stream, the subjects are still intended to be added for the full game, although they will be logic-based instead of facts.
    • When hacking, the notebooks' supposedly-used subjects are revealed as follows:
      • Geography: Yellow notebook.
      • English: Green notebook.
      • Spelling: Blue notebook.
      • History: Red notebook.
      • Math: Salmon notebook.
      • Geology: Cyan notebook.
      • Science: Black notebook.
  • In the "HOW TO PLAY" screen from the game menu screen, the word "notebooks" is misspelled as "noteboos" as a typo.
    • This typo can also be found when the developer tested Baldi's ruler slapping interval by using some graphs.[2]
  • In V1.0, notebooks did not recover the stamina.


Baldi's Basics Plus
Audio Subtitle Description
A notebook respawned! The sound notebooks make when respawning in Endless Mode.
Classic/Birthday Bash
Audio Description
The sound notebooks make when respawning in Endless Mode.


Notebooks (Classic/Birthday Bash)

Baldi's Basics Plus
Baldi's Basics Classic
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